Comodo Launches World-first 100% Secure Endpoint Security & Anti-virus Solution with Cash Warranty

Image Comodo, a certificate authority and Internet security specialist, is officially launching its Endpoint Security Manager v3 solution into the UK market at the upcoming IP EXPO in October. The anti-virus solution, aimed at organisations and businesses of all scales, offers a unique 100 per cent guarantee against an attack. The solution is backed by Comodo's promise of a $5,000 cash warranty, per incident, which is another industry first.

"Our cash warranty is not the only aspect that makes our Endpoint Security Manager solution unique in the market," said Greig Weir, UK Channel Manager, Comodo. "We have invented and patented the next generation in endpoint security and anti-virus software based upon our Default Deny architecture. The solution is protection-based as opposed to detection-based, which is the approach used by traditional anti-virus solutions currently on the market. While traditional vendors may offer 99 per cent security, we guarantee 100 per cent."

Traditional anti-virus solutions are reliant upon the use of a blacklist approach, a database of signatures that compares files on a hard drive against a list of known bad files. Whitelists, on the other hand allow known good files to execute. However, a vast majority of files are classified as unknown and are therefore allowed into organisations with potential damaging consequences. Endpoint Security Manager features a fully automatic persistent sandbox, the only one of its kind in the world, which all unknown files are sent to. In this way, unknown files can be contained until they can be identified as good or bad.

"With more than 50,000 new virus and malware variants released daily, blacklists cannot be updated quickly enough. By the same token, whitelists cannot keep up with legitimate software updates. Unknown files could be good files or they could be bad files and this is the problem," said Weir. "Comodo has architected this system that isolates these unknown files without impacting the user, their everyday activities, good files, legitimate updates and system resources.

"We have chosen IP EXPO to launch Endpoint Security Manager to the market as the show has an excellent reputation and represents the IT industry as a whole, encompassing a wide variety of technologies and sectors. Our philosophy is that security is for everyone and we look forward to introducing our new solution to attendees."

Comodo is demonstrating the capabilities of Endpoint Security Manager at IP EXPO 2013 on 16 - 17 October at stand G43. Visitors to the event can register for free before 15 October 2013.
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