Bridges of Hope Project, Inc. Develops 12 School Libraries in Turkey in 2013

Image The Bridges of Hope Project (BOHP) supported educational development by building 12 elementary school libraries, each containing 300 - 350 books, in selected towns and villages throughout Turkey in 2013. In addition, every student was given a popular science book published by TUBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, to inspire young minds in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Cigdem Acar, Founding President and the Bridges of Hope Project Team says in written statement as follows: "Since 2007, the donations raised by BOHP have generated enough funds to establish 114 libraries in 40 different regions throughout Turkey. These efforts have allowed 60,000 children to access new libraries and nearly 100,000 books. Together, we have enfranchised each and every child with a passport to the limitless world of knowledge, learning and critical thinking.

In April of 2012, the Assembly of Turkey American Associations (ATAA) honored us with the "Charity of the Year" award. In 2013, we continued along this path and we are happy to share with you that the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN-DPI) accepted the Bridges of Hope Project as one of the Civic Associations supporting the activities of the United Nations and BOHP was also accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization with Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

We are humbled by the support that the Bridges of Hope Project has received from the numerous organizations, corporations, institutions, individuals and above all, you, in 2013. It is thanks to you, our supporters, that children, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, educators, schools, villages and cities alike are, once again, able to believe that they have a future full of possibilities. Together, we will satisfy the need for learning in even the most remote regions of Turkey. Together, we will build this bridge of hope."

Alkim Ortaokulu, Dazkiri, Afyon (Alkim Middle School)
Dedeli Yatili Bolge Okulu, Patnos, Agri (Dedeli Regional Boarding School)
Patnos Yatili Bolge Okulu, Patnos, Agri (Pantos Regional Boarding School)
Dogansu Kiz Yatili Bolge Okulu, Patnos, Agri (Dogansu Girls Regional Boarding School)
Basgedikler 60. Yil Ilkogretim Okulu, Merkez, Kars (Basgedikler 60th Year Primary School)
Sakarya Ilkogretim Okulu, Hekimhan, Malatya (Sakarya Primary School)
Ataturk Ilkogretim Okulu, Arguvan, Malatya (Ataturk Primary School)
Cumhuriyet Ilkogretim Okulu, Yesilyurt, Malatya (Republic's Primary School)
H. Hatun Kiz Yatili Bolge Okulu, Caldiran, Van (H. Hatun Girls Regional Boarding School)
Salihiye Kiz Yatili Bolge Okulu, Ercis, Van (Salihiye Girls Regional Boarding School)
Yasar Topcu Yatili Bolge Okulu, Boyabat, Sinop (Yasar Topcu Regional Boarding School)
Cattepe Yatali Bolge Okulu, Cattepe, Sinop (Cattepe Regional Boarding School)
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