LA Clippers to Sign Hedo Turkoglu

Image After Doc Rivers told reporters on Monday that the LA Clippers were looking at Hedo Turkoglu, reports are emerging that they will in fact sign the free agent for the rest of the season. The Clippers have been looking for depth behind Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, and Turkoglu impressed the team during recent workouts.
That being said he will have to improve on his performance for the Orlando Magic last season, where he went 2-for-33 shooting from more than 10 feet, got suspended 20 games after a positive test for steroids then returned to the team out of shape and out of motivation. Orlando paid him $6 million during the first half of this season to not play for them – that is how little they wanted to do with him.

At 34 there might still be something left in Turkoglu’s legs, and it is a low-risk addition for the Clippers, especially if he can recover any of the form that propelled the Magic to the Finals in 2009. But that was four years ago, so it is unlikely he can recapture the old magic (pun entirely deliberate). But Doc Rivers and the Clippers must think there is something there. That or they really don’t like their bench depth.

Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07