Saltzman & Evinch Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Image Saltzman & Evinch, PLLC provides a variety of legal services to foreign and domestic clients in the private and public sectors. The firm, celebrates its 20th anniversary, concentrates on matters relating to Turkey and the surrounding region, providing an in-depth understanding of the area, its people and cultures; talent and experience in domestic and foreign legal system; and an extensive network of professionals and support staff. One of its founders, Gunay Evinch who is also a leader in the Turkish-American community, talked to TURKOFAMERICA.
Can you tell us about some of the firm's significant achievements in 20 years?
Twenty years is a significant milestone for any company, particularly a law firm in Washington, DC.  For us, it represents a lot of hard work on interesting matters for wonderful clients.  We are definitely proud of our achievements; from keeping Cyprus land claims out of US courts, thereby allowing them to be resolved on the island where they properly belong, to bringing terrorists to justice and preventing money from going to terrorist organizations, to representing parties in litigation relating to World War I, we definitely seek out controversies that evoke great passions. Our success, we believe, is mainly due to our work ethic and genuine interest in the matters. Above all, we are honest to our clients.  We try to tell our clients what is realistic within the law.  While this might not necessarily be what they want to hear, it helps craft effective strategies for our clients to achieve their goals, whether via litigation, negotiation, or in business.

You were classmates in law school. What is the secret to your longtime business partnership?
It is most gratifying to do this as part of a friendship that has lasted since our law school days, almost 25 years.  What a wonderful way to spend one’s professional life, with a true friend!  Our friendship is based most of all on mutual respect, trust and admiration.  It certainly helps that we have similar senses of humor and genuinely enjoy each other's company -- and we better, because we spend a lot of time at the office!

As a leader in the Turkish American community, what is your suggestion to young Turkish-American lawyers who have just started in their careers?
I would advise young Turkish American lawyers to focus on integrity -- promise only what you can deliver and then work diligently to make sure that it happens.  And, to have a sense of mission beyond oneself by volunteering to empower Turkish-Americans in the democracy and economy of America.  This includes pro bono legal help on immigration, family law, retirement and estate planning, labor and employment, business law, and civil rights matters.  It also includes donating time and money to Turkish American public advocacy.  We employ the 10% rule: we donate 10% of our personal income to Turkish American non-profit organizations, such as the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), and as well as to the various Turkish Coalition PACs.  We try to lead by example.
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