Golden Girl

Image The Most Influential Turkish-American Women #14 - When İstanbul Altın Refineries (IAR) (Istanbul Gold Refinery) wanted to improve its USA branch and enter the market, young professional Çiğdem Bostan was given a great responsibility. While most of the gold companies were closing their New York offices and returning to Turkey, Bostan rolled up her sleeves to create the US branch of IAR, which had joined the Halach Family in 2002 after privatization. Having been founded in 2008, the Halach Gold, Inc. reached a capacity of 15 workers and a 200 million dollar turnover. The Miami branch, which began to operate in 2013, has played a great role in the company’s reach-out to both South and North American mines.

A part of the Istanbul Gold Refinery, the Halach Gold Inc. North America has headquarters on  47th Street, which is considered the heart of New York’s gold and diamond market. The head of the Halach Gold America Çiğdem Bostan, who established a mine analysis laboratory and a diamonded jewelry products refinery over a 6500 sqf area in Long Island, New York last year, states their goal is to become a leader in America’s trade and refinery of precious metals. Halach Gold reaches its consumers also with the brand name of Gold Gram. Additionally, with the initiative of Halach Gold, Istanbul Gold Refinery has become, since 24 November 2014, the first ever Turkish firm to be accepted into America’s most prestigious precious metals stock market, the Chicago-based Commodity Exchange (COMEX).

The firm, which has been selling gold in various amounts, from half of a gram to 100 grams, since 2011 under the Gold Gram brand, also produces gold for the American market with custom-made designs. Offering different alternatives for those who would like to purchase gifts for special days such as birthdays, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, etc., the firm also produces business cards with different values of gold on them, for business people.

The certified gram golds, which were put out on the market for the first time in 2012 at Christmas time as gift items, have grown by spreading to different areas. The gram golds, which are still being sold through different distribution channels on eBay, also provide designs for firms, clubs, and organizations.
The General Manager of Halach Gold, Inc. and Gold Gram firms, Çiğdem Bostan, is working on putting a new project into action this year. With the program that they named 401-G, the consumers will be able to convert a monthly sum of money from their bank account into gold. The system would be announced with the brand name 401-G, a name likened to the retirement fund 401-K, to encourage investment in gold that never loses value, instead of in the stock market, real estate, or treasury securities. The consumers are able to exchange the gold purchased whenever they would like, with the exchange value of the day.

In addition to their own website,, Gold Gram supplies its products to their customers also through the sector’s leading sales channels, such as eBay and, which have sold around 68 thousand kilograms of gold within the past 10 years. The Apmex site provides the customers with different alternatives by developing special gift boxes for IGR’s certified golds.
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