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The new TRJ628? and TRJ328? to be built in Turkey. (Credit: 328SSG) The Most Influential Turkish-American Women #2 - While TURK OF AMERICA’s advising committee began selecting names of the most influential Turkish-American women, many of the top candidates hailed from the academic world. The reason is two-fold: Not only are Turkish-American women rare in the American business environment, top female executives are rare in the American business world in general.
Females represent only a small percentage of American business leaders — in fact, only 4.8 percent of CEOs on the Fortune 500 list are women. And while just one woman led a Fortune 500 company in 1998, that number slowly rose to 15 in 2009, before declining to 12 women by 2011. In 2014, the definitive ranking of America’s biggest companies boasted some 24 female CEOs.

Overall, 30 percent of all U.S. businesses are women-owned and 17 percent are co-owned 50/50 with men. This means that 47 percent of all businesses in the United States have a woman co-owner, according to the latest U.S. Census data on business ownership.

Despite the statistics above, Eren Ozmen has emerged as a true role model for Turkish-American female entrepreneurs. As a teenager Eren Ozmen’s dream was to come to America to pursue her master’s degree. She arrived with limited English skills and minimal financial resources. However, she did bring with her passion, determination and entrepreneurial vision. Today, Eren is Chairwoman and President of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), which is among the “World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Space.”

Eren joined SNC in 1988, shortly after receiving her MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno. At the time, SNC was a small company with a handful of employees and immense financial challenges. However, she had the confidence to overcome these obstacles and become a true leader at a very young age. That confidence and leadership turned SNC into one of America’s fastest-growing, privately-owned, billion-dollar companies, and the Top Woman-Owned Federal Contractor in the United States.

Eren also does not operate in your typical corporate environment. This dynamic woman with a head for business and finance teamed up with her husband Fatih to purchase SNC in 1994.  The Ozmens began transforming SNC from a small local company into a global, high-tech aviation and aerospace corporation. As part of their plan, SNC completed 19 successful, targeted acquisitions of high-tech companies. This approach led to the expansion of SNC’s presence from 20 employees in one office to thousands of personnel in 33 locations across the U.S., in business divisions in England, Germany and Turkey and at customer sites around the globe. Eren was at the helm, as President and Chief Financial Officer, with Fatih as Chief Executive Officer.
SNC signs in Turkey for new regional aircraft project.

Multidimensional and extremely focused, Eren Ozmen is actively involved in all key aspects of SNC’s business management. Her oversight and management of SNC’s operations has  resulted in SNC being recognized as the second “Fastest-Growing Woman-Owned Company in North America” and Eren emerging not only as an example for Turkish-American businesswomen, but for women as a whole.

In April 2014, TURKOFAMERICA shared the Ozmen’s inspirational story of SNC’s Dream Chaser®. This lifting-body spacecraft can land on commercial runways anywhere in the world, and uses all non-toxic fuels. The vehicle will transport crew and cargo to and from low-Earth orbit, including to the International Space Station. SNC is advancing the commercial applications for Dream Chaser, as it is currently developing the Dream Chaser Cargo System as SNC’s solution for NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) contract.

Yet, the Ozmens continue to push the limits with their newest major focus, Turkey’s Regional Aircraft Project (Project). Under the Project, SNC’s wholly-owned subsidiary, TRJet Havacilik Teknolojileri Anonim Şirketi (TRJet™), working together with Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.S. (STM), in support of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs & Communications, will produce the country’s first indigenous passenger aircraft.  

TRJet™ combines the legacy of two esteemed aviation companies, SNC and 328 Support Services GmbH, to create an aviation and aerospace company that merges modern-edge German aircraft engineering and the latest industry modification standards. TRJet™ and the Turkish government will capitalize on this technology and on Dornier’s legacy of innovation through the existing intellectual property and assets of the D328 aircraft acquired by SNC, to open a new chapter for the Turkish and global aviation and aerospace industry. As part of the process, they will utilize a modernized version of the D328, theTRJ328™, as a stepping-stone toward production of the Republic of Turkey’s first domestically designed regional passenger jet, the TRJ628™.

SNC has been immersed in the aviation industry for over a half -century and the Ozmens have had business interests in Turkey for many years. Establishing TRJet™, a Turkish corporation, as a powerful partner to both STM, as well as the commercial aviation sector, was a logical step in the Ozmen’s plans. Not only is the jet a passenger aircraft, but with modification can also be used for other purposes such as air ambulance, cargo aircraft, VIP, military training aircraft and maritime air patrol.

TRJet will be based in Ankara, Turkey, and will employ Turkish workers and utilize local subcontractors and vendors. These unique aircraft fill a niche market for direct and frequent flights between small cities in Turkey that is currently not feasible using larger airplanes. The aircraft will serve regional and international demands as well.

In addition to her role as an influential businesswoman, Eren places a priority on promoting family-friendly policies in the corporate culture of SNC — including establishing an on-site daycare in 1991 for employees to use. Her strong employee benefits program and influence on maintaining a healthy work-life balance has also led SNC to receiving numerous employee initiated awards throughout the country including “Best Place to Work” in Nevada, Colorado and Florida.

Under the Ozmens’ leadership, SNC continues to be an innovative leader and maintains itself at the forefront of the electronics, communications, aerospace and aviation industry. This progressive approach not only led to the company’s dramatic success, but also to major recognition, including:

•    “World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Space”- Fast Company (2014)
•    U.S. Top 10 Nation’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, “Revenue Growth for $Billion” - Inc. (2011)
•    Top 20 “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” – Forbes (2015)
•    “Tier 1 Superior Supplier” for U.S. Air Force (2015)
•    “Aerospace Company of the Year” (2014)
•    Top Woman-Owned U.S. Government Contractor (2010 & 2012)
•    “Fastest Growing Women-Owned Company in North America” (2011)
•    “Aviation Entrepreneurs of the Year” (2012)
•    Inducted as “Living Legends of Aviation” (2013)
•    Top 10 “Most Influential Turkish Americans” - TurkofAmerica (2014)
•    “Top Woman-Owned Firms” for innovative information technology solutions - GCN (2005 & 2006)
•    “Women Role Model of the Year” (2002)
•    “Distinguished Business of the Year” (2001)
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