TURKOFAMERICA Selects 40 Influential Turkish-Americans Under 40 Years Old

Image TURKOFAMERICA Magazine will select 40 Turkish-American under 40 years old. The 40 Under 40 is a measure of power and influence. The 40 Under 40 draws a team of TURKOFAMERICA reporters, writers, editors and advisors. Each person picks an industry or area of focus, then they go hunting: talking to experts, digging up documents, interviewing key sources. Please click the link  send us your candidates.

40 Under 40 > Frequently Asked Questions

What is TURKOFAMERICA's 40 Under 40?

First time ever the annual list of 40 people who have achieved success in business, professional life, sports, arts, culture, social activism, non-profit organization and community work, before turning 40.

When will TURKOFAMERICA's publish the next class of 40 Under 40?
The 40 Under 40 winners are announced in January.

When do nominations begin?
Nominations open in November of the preceding year. The deadline for submissions is in end of December.

What are the qualifications for 40 Under 40?
First and foremost, we are looking for professional success. We also are interested in knowing about community service, as well as participation in trade groups, etc. Those chosen must be no older than 39 on the nomination’s process and must live in the United States.

How can I nominate someone for 40 Under 40?
Nominations must be submitted online or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I just call you or send you an e-mail with the name of the person I'd like to nominate?
No. We need to have the form filled out, including contact information for the person you are nominating.

I want to nominate someone, but can I remain anonymous?
No, we need to know who you are, though we do not share nominator information with any third parties.

I want to nominate my boss, but would it be better if someone higher up nominated him? Can I nominate a family member?
You can nominate yourself, a client, a family member, your boss, an employee or an acquaintance. The most important thing is that you state a clear, business-oriented reason for the nomination.

Does it help if many people nominate the same person?
No. In fact, it sends a negative impression if there is evidence of an organized campaign to send many nominations.

Will more than one nominee from the same company be accepted?
You can nominate multiple executives from one company, but only one will be chosen. However, multiple candidates from separate divisions of large conglomerates could be chosen.

I would like to nominate someone, but they will turn 40 before your publication date. Can I still nominate that person?
Yes. We verify birth dates of finalists.

How does the process work?
After we receive a nomination, TURKOFAMERICA team examines the nominees and submit lists to jurors. Candidates will be chosen by the jurors who are among respected Turkish-American businessmen, professionals, academician, community leaders and role models. 

What is required of those who are selected?
Candidates who are selected must make themselves available for an in-person interview with a reporter. They are also required to come to TURKOFAMERICA's midtown office for a photo shoot and a video interview that will be posted on turkofamerica.com.

Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the judging process?
No. We don't give status reports. If we need any further information, we will contact you. Please be patient.

I want to be picked for 40 Under 40. Will it help to hire a public relations firm?
No. Publicists often submit candidates, but they do not influence the judging.

I was not picked for 40 Under 40. Can you tell me why?
With hundreds of candidates and only 40 slots, the majority of hopefuls will not be chosen. We cannot explain why you weren't picked because it won't be for any one reason, but for reasons that have to do with presenting a diverse range of professions and industries.

Source: The criteria is taken from Crain’s Magazine.
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