Cleveland Cavaliers Targeting Omer Asik and Tyreke Evans

Image Los Angeles: The Cleveland Cavaliers, who are expected to be one of the busiest teams in the days leading up to next week's NBA Trade Deadline, have a few players in mind as they continue to find the right deal and rumors claim that among the players that the Cavs have their eyes on are Omer Asik and Tyreke Evans. This season, Tyreke Evans contract is $10.7 million. It doesn't work. Trade exceptions cannot be combined with other players (aggregated in CBA terms). However, Asik is making $9.2 million and would fit within the Brendan Haywood trade exception.
However, the ESPN Trade Machine doesn't completely understand trade exceptions. So, part one of this is Omer Asik into the Haywood exception. It is a separate transaction in and of itself. In the process of New Orleans Pelicans create a $9.2 million trade exception of their own, which would count against the cap this summer and expire in February. Such exceptions can be repudiated so the Pelicans could gain approximately $10 million in cap space this summer.

Secondly, the Cavs could do this trade, sending out Anderson Varejao ($9.3 million of his 2016-17 contract is guaranteed) as a second transaction. This situation costs the Cavs the least in terms of assets, but they take on the remaining 3 years and $34.7 million of Asik's contract.

The first option creates $9.7 million ($1 million more if they waive Varejao) in additional cap space this summer while wiping away Asik's contract. The second option creates $7.5 million along with the likelihood of re-signing Timofey Mozgov to a long term deal (which would wipe that cap space away) with his Bird Rights. (
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