The Ozmens Receive Honorary Doctorates from UNR

Image Reno, Nev. — The Sparks-based company Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has been in the spotlight recently mainly for their work for the Mars 2020 project and the Dream Chaser Shuttle as part of the International Space Station. But this Friday, Eren and Fatih Ozmen, president and CEO, respectively, of SNC, are being honored by the College of Science at the University of Nevada. The husband and wife team are loyal alum to UNR and role models to the community as their company has focused on national security interests, space exploration, STEM interest in young people, and supports local education.

Fatih Ozmen talked about how he and his wife have followed the American dream here in northern Nevada during his commencement speech. Corporate Director of Communication for SNC Brooke Salkoff provided this statement about the Ozmens' excitement about the honorary doctorate degrees,

"It's a huge honor for Eren and Fatih Ozmen. They feel so affectionately toward UNR, and they feel like UNR was the place here in Reno that really launched them on their American dream. Here they are as Turkish immigrants, and they came here as students, and they've built a company really out of almost nothing, just 20 employee, to a global aerospace and defense company of almost 3,000 employees. And really it was all with the help of UNR, so they're hugely honored to be receiving their honorary doctorates today."

One-third of the SNC employee population are UNR graduates, and the company just recently announced they are looking to hire up to 1,000 new employees and aim to use the UNR graduate pool. So it's a great time to get receiving those advanced degrees from UNR. Salkoff comments on the companies growth,

"This growth of the company, of Sierra Nevada Corporation really comes at a time where we are seeing a resurgence of technology, and we can tap a talent pool like we have here in northern Nevada. And we are going to be looking to the university too and that younger generation to generate that talent. If you're interested in touching the International Space Station, touching projects that go off to Mars, this is the company for you; it' a really exciting place to be." (By Cassie Wilson, News 4 & Fox 11)
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07