Chobani Makes Its First Move Out Of The Dairy Aisle

Image Chobani is a name that has become synonymous with Greek yogurt. But the New York based company is hoping to soon be known for its snack dips as well. To promote its new line of Meze dips, Chobani rented a $12 million townhouse in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan and then transformed the luxury home into a lush habitat of indoor gardens, walls and chandeliers covered in vegetation, and of course, a full stock of Chobani products.

A contest will award one winner and three friends the opportunity to stay in the dream house during the Fourth of July weekend. The new Meze dips—which come in Roasted Red Pepper, Three Pepper Salsa, Chili Lime, and Smoked Onion and Parmesan flavors—are available now at the suggested retail price of $3.99. (
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07