Turkish Boutique Producer Akuvatur Eyes US Market

Image BOSTON — Turkish aquaculture fish producer Akuvatur plans to grow its sales in the US market, as the popularity of seabass — known as branzino in the US — increases in the North-American market, Huseyin Tosun, Akuvatur's Mediterranean fish export manager, told Undercurrent News. Akuvatur produces very rare kinds of Mediterranean fish, such as common dentex, pink dentex, red sea bream, premium seabass and premium seabream.

"We are a boutique producer, with a production of approximately 1,000 metric tons per year. But we are planning to increase our production by 30% in 2018, Tosun told Undercurrent. "We also want to focus on the development of processing fillets and frozen line of production," Tosun noted.

"Our products taste like wild catch. The feeding regime of our Mediterranean fish is called semi-moist, and it conforms with wild catch fish," Tosun said, pointing out that, because of the different feed, the firm's products had a more distinguished taste. "Our fish and fish feed are completely GMO-free," Tosun added. Tosun said that the firm had started to sell to Samuel & Sons, a big chain in the US, and planned to further increase its sales in the North-American market.  (Matilde Mereghetti, undercurrentnews.com)
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07