Jewelry (2)

"Atasay, Altinbas and Arpas are the three Turkish companies who started operating on the 46th and 47th Streets of downtown Manhattan. The region, which is currently home to around 50 Turkish jewelry companies, is known as the heart of the gold market. "

Police Officer, First Responder’s Favorite Watchmaker 


Next to the Harley Davidson store in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, there is a watch and jewelry store where you can always see police cars in front of it. You can't help but ask, "Did something happen?" Local town polices, State polices, sheriff, first responders' vehicles enter and the other leaves. In fact, there is no crime situation. Eli Adams Jewelers, the watch and jewelry shop run by Sait Dar and his sons Erol (Adam) and İlyas (Elijah), is the store that sells the most watches to the police in the U.S.  

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