Muge Mengu

Muge Mengu

Wind Energy Is Coming On Strong in Turkey

Prof. Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar.
By Muge Mengu Hale
-  As one of the most ancient energy sources, wind is helping the world to overcome its energy and financial crises. Turkey is one of the many countries turning to this source. With the progress in wind technology, wind power generation costs have fallen in half in a decade. Wind energy is considered low-risk for investors with no fuel costs and stable costs of electricity generation. Most governments encourage wind investments with incentives such as feed-in tariffs. As a result, the global wind energy sector has expanded fast at 29% last year.
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The Director on the Trail of the Sultan

Muge Mengu – New York
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Such discussion topics as whether art is innovative anymore, or claims such as the visual arts have reached their boundaries, have lost their meaning in the technological age. While computer media give us the opportunity to modify the moving image in thousands of ways, the opportunities of the seventh art, cinema, have also remarkably increased.
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Filling His Life with Music and His Music with Life

By Muge Mengu
Lovers of classical music will be familiar with the name Efe Baltacigil, a rare talent who, after astounding Yo Yo Ma with his mastery of cello, received an invitation to share the stage with music giants like Yo Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchas Zuckerman and Midori at Carnegie Hall, New York’s famous concert hall.

People Are Starting to Control The Media

By Müge Mengü – New York
It’s obvious that we’re in the digital era. Technology is under our control, and we can choose the kind of media to come in contact with, as well as how and when to come in contact with it. Studies show that day by day, consumers are going to war against media ads.
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