NYPD Graduates 555 in December

Image By Ali Cinar- New York - 555 men and women joined their fellow NYPD officers in protecting New York City this Wednesday. The Graduation Ceremony was held on Madison Square Garden attended by the new officers' friends and family, and presided over by Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD  Commissioner James P. O'Neill. NYPD December class represents 39 different countries, 44 different languages, and includes 51 individuals with prior military service. Police Commissioner O'Neill gave his opening remarks at the Ceremony with a powerful message for new Police Officer. “You are being given an awesome responsibility. You are joining the finest police officers anywhere. I am so proud of you " O 'Neill said.

Commissioner also added:”This is the key to being a good cop – just saying hello to people, letting them know that you’re a human being also, and you care about what they care about. So, don’t ever forget that.''

"​NYC Mayor Blasio also ​delivered his remarks at the Ceremony.“ I have to tell you, graduates, you’re an impressive class by any measure. We can all say with assurance you are the best trained class in the history of the NYPD because the training efforts continue to improve every single year. You’re going to be working with the best technology of any group of graduates in the history of the NYPD. You look like New York City. You come from every neighborhood, every background. You reflect the greatness of our city.” said NYC Mayor Blasio.

He also gave an example of the NYPD’s great performance reduction on crime rates.” Let me give you one example that I think will inspire you. And I mentioned that back in 1992, 5,000 shootings a year. Today, in the City of New York as we end the year 2016, there have been fewer than 1,000 shootings all year in New York City thanks to the NYPD.”

There were also some Turkish Heritage graduates at the Ceremony such as Egemen Aydin. His family and friends were also joined his Graduation Ceremony in December. There is over 150 Turkish-American NYPD Officers currently serving at 5 Boroughs. ​

How to become a NYPD Officer- More to learn: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/careers/application_overview.shtml
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