Dr Kevin Niksarli,MD Looks After Your Eyes

By Melda Akansel-
Dr. Kevin Niksarli, who has been awarded an achievement certificate given by the VISX STAR company to ophthalmologists who use their laser technology to perform the most eye surgeries, continues his professional work at the clinics he owns in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Kevin Niksarli came to the United States in 1986 to pursue his medical training and now as one of New York’s most accomplished ophthalmologists, he is a light at the end of the tunnel for many patients.

Dr. Niksarli came to the US to become an engineer but then chose medicine. (Photo by Melda Akansel)

Kevin Niksarli’s dreams of becoming an industrial engineer started at Istanbul’s German High School and continued with his studies at Bogazici University.  After two years there, he came to New York to attend Columbia University to major in Computer Engineering. After graduation, Niksarli worked for three years in computers and then when he decided to become a doctor, he started his medical training at Cornell University Medical Center. After four years of training Niksarli graduated in 1993 and then, planning on specializing in ophthalmology, he decided on the course of his career and professional path. Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD completed his specialization in ophthalmology in five years and became an expert in the field of laser eye surgery. After his graduation in 1998 Niksarli opened his own clinic, NewSight Laser Center, and to this day continues to perform laser vision corrections and treats thousands of patients.

Kevin Niksarli, MD
is a renowned ophthalmologist specializing in corneal and LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Kevin Niksarli is Medical Director at the Manhattan LASIK Center , a practice devoted entirely to laser vision correction. Following completion of his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, Dr. Niksarli enrolled at Cornell University's Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Having earned his Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Niksarli completed an internship in Internal Medicine and was subsequently accepted into an eye surgery residency program at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Kevin Niksarli also received additional training at Harvard University and is currently certified in LASIK, PRK, Laser Vision Correction, Corneal Transplants, and Cataract Surgery.


For the past ten years Dr. Niksarli has been greeting his many patients every day in Manhattan’s NewSight Laser Center with a warm smile; he has become almost a savior to people who have complaints about their eyesight or for those whose eyeglasses have become almost a part of their bodies. The most important thing about this surgical method, which does not use a scalpel or other cutting instrument, is that everything from a to z is done with a laser. He describes the technical possibilities of laser vision corrections in the following way. “We create what can be called a lid above the eye before the surgery; we used to use machines with a razor, but now we perform those procedures with lasers as well.” Dr. Niksarli,MD says that many patients come to the clinic with trepidations but then after the laser surgery even their expressions change, that when they are free from the eyeglasses or lenses they relax both psychologically and physically and that within a few hours they can go back to their daily activities. In his own words: “We perform this surgery to free them from their eyeglasses.” He also treats hypermetropia, astigmatism and myopia as well. “The most common eyesight problem is myopia and it is also very common among the younger population. This is why myopia surgeries lead the way. The cases of hypermetropia and astigmatism treated by laser surgery are also not few. Hypermetropia usually becomes evident after the age of 40. The upper age limit for these surgeries is 65,” he says as he explains the average age of his patients. Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD has stopped performing cataract surgeries in the past few years and only performs laser vision corrections, while he refers his cataract patients to other colleagues.


At his clinic Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD frees over two thousand patients every year from their eyeglasses and ten percent of these patients are Turkish. Dr. Niksarli,MD explains his Turkish patient population: “This number may look small at first glance. But Turkish patients may also choose to go to Turkey to be treated. Some patients choose to go to Turkey because health services are cheaper there. Usually they get treated when they go for their vacations. Since costs are cheaper in Turkey, the cost of treatment can be as little as half of what it would be here. If you consider this factor and take into account the size of the Turkish population in New York then you see that this ten percent is not a number to undervalue.” Turkish patients reach NewSight Laser Center either through referrals or through advertisements.

Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD says that he decided to open his second clinic four years ago in New Jersey due to his heavy patient caseload. He spends one day a week with his patients at the New Jersey clinic, but performs surgeries only at the Manhattan clinic. In his clinic, which is completely equipped with all of the latest technologies, Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD works with one other ophthalmologist and he also opens the doors to his clinic to other ophthalmologists in New York who do not have operating rooms. At Dr. Niksarli’s clinic there are three types of lasers for use on myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism and other ophthalmologists can rent them as well.

Among the many awards and successes that Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD has won, he has also received the VISX STAR company’s achievement award for ophthalmologists who perform the most eye surgeries using their laser technologies. In addition, the 2004-2005 and 2006 best ophthalmologist in the United States awards are among his many achievements. Dr. Kevin Niksarli,MD has reached most of his career aspirations in the twenty years that he has been in the United States and he sums up his future aspirations as “continuing with his surgical successes.”

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