Dr. Karatoprak Improves the Quality Of Life

By Melda Akansel-
Even though the secret of preventing aging or securing immortality has not yet been discovered, prolonging a healthy life or, in other words, improving the quality of life is no longer a mere fantasy. Anti-aging expert Dr. Ohan Karatoprak says that by correctly directing the genes in the human body it is possible to prolong the healthy and high quality phase of life. Dr. Ohan Karatoprak, who is one of the pioneers in this field, conducts research into anti-aging and obesity and he also works as a general practitioner in his clinic in New Jersey.
Dr. Ohan Karatoprak has been working on the subject of anti-aging for the past twenty two years. (Photo by Melda Akansel)

Dr. Ohan Karatoprak graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School in 1977 and then in 1979 he came to the United States to do his surgical specialization. Karatoprak decided on general practice and after three years of his specialization training he opened his own clinic in 1986 in New Jersey. The interest he had in this field led him to do research and to continue his education and training in this field. After Karatoprak completed another specialization in geriatrics, he took on the position of chief of the obesity clinic at Teaneck Holy Name Hospital. Dr. Karatoprak, who was interested in the patients that came to this clinic to lose weight, started to do research on the role obesity played in aging and on anti-aging. Dr. Ohan Karatoprak has been working on the subject of anti-aging for the past twenty two years, long before the recent interest that this subject has gained and he has also had a book published on the subject: “Personal Genetic Health: 21st Century Anti-aging Breakthrough”.  

According to Dr. Ohan Karatoprak, who has been working for many years on the subject of anti-aging, premature aging and obesity, there is a very close tie between obesity and aging. “Obesity is an event that has to do with the body producing too much insulin. Too much insulin causes inflammatory arteriosclerosis. This indicates that too much insulin causes premature aging.” Says Karatoprak, who provides personalized treatment for his patients based on the results of their genetic and hormonal test results, “We determine what each patient needs based on their genetic test results and then we determine a personalized treatment for that patient. There is a personal treatment for each person. We usually prepare a program that includes personalized vitamins, proper nutrition and suitable exercise.”

Dr. Ohan Karatoprak, who continues to work both on his anti-aging research as well as his general practice, says that his patient group who come in for anti-aging treatments are between the ages of 20 and 75. Karatoprak states that his Turkish patients usually hear about him through the Internet or from news reports about him in the media, and that his Turkish patients make up about twenty percent of his patient load. Dr. Karatoprak also has patients who come to him directly from Turkey. Just as he has patients who learn about his anti-aging treatments, he also has Turkish patients who come to him with tests that they have had done in Turkey to get a second opinion or a consultation.

Dr. Karatoprak says that other countries are following in small steps the advances that the United States and Germany are making in the field of anti-aging, and that he is closely following Turkey’s view on the subject. From time to time he speaks at conferences in Turkey and in 2005 he was able to meet with his colleagues at the first Anti-Aging Congress. Dr. Karatoprak thinks that there is a long road that Turkey has to go down on the subject but at the same time he finds it hopeful that there is an attempt in Istanbul to create an association on anti-aging.

Dr. Ohan Karatoprak has been chosen as one of the top 267 doctors in New Jersey out of a possible 25 thousand for the past five years and has been honored as an honorary professor at New Jersey University Medical School. Dr. Karatoprak, who is modest about his achievements, points out that there are some differences between the medical training in Turkey and the United States. For example, doctors in the United States have to pass a subject examination every few years, and that this leads them to renew their knowledge and stay fresh in their specializations. “They ask the same questions of the new graduate and the doctor with twenty years of experience. This is why medicine here is more advanced,” he says, as he talks about how the United States force doctors to renew themselves constantly.

Dr. Karatoprak, as an anti-aging expert who has done research on obesity, proper nutrition and aging and who has treated his patients according to his findings, has also done genetic testing on himself and his family. Dr. Karatoprak has prepared a specialized vitamin program for his family based on their test results and he places a great importance on proper nutrition. He is very conscious when it comes to nutrition and always keeps the nutritional value of each food in mind. For example, he tries to stay away from foods that promote insulin release in the body such as potatoes, rice and pasta, or he tries to limit them to a small amount at the end of a meal. Vegetables, fruit and salad are indispensable. For protein his choice is chicken, but of course he does not touch the skin. Every day he makes sure to eat hazelnuts and peanuts and he never forgets to drink lots of water. He is also very careful about the amount of calories he takes in. Besides his healthy and correct nutritional program he also exercises; twice a week he runs and plays tennis.
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