The Chance to Reach Your Dreams

Emrah made a wish on his 9th birthday unlike any other. Instead of a new toy car or a day at the amusement park, he wished to go to high school. He was raised in a village and never imaged being anything but a shepherd. Yet, he dreamt of getting that high school diploma. He wasn't sure how he would manage schoolwork as he worked part time to support his family. However, he was curious. He was hardworking and passionate.

Few months later, his birthday wish came true when his path crossed with TOCEV. Believing that every child has a right to education, TOCEV took Emrah under its wings and made sure he focuses on his studies. All his life, Emrah thought his future lied in his village with many barriers that were preventing him from completing his education. Nonetheless, he found himself surrounded by new possibilities that encouraged him to fight for his ambition of becoming everything he knows that he can be — no matter the obstacles or risk. Today, he is a third year dentistry student excited to live a life that he has never dared to dream.

Emrah is not the only one. Omer, Yasemin, Mehmet, Zeynep, Sabiha are among the 5 million children whose lives have changed through TOCEV. Wherever you go around Turkey, you will find many young boys and girls with big dreams because they know the only way for them is forward. TOCEV shelters and supports these dreams, and help those millions of tiny flames become a sun that lights the sky.



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