Islamic Relief USA Awards $10,000 Grant to The Interfaith Ministries

Houston, Texas – Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, in support of the IMGH’s Meals on Wheels program. The present coronavirus pandemic has led to record levels of food insecurity throughout the country, and the Greater Houston area is no exception. Senior citizens are among the segments of the population that are most at risk of the economic aftereffects of the public health crisis. The need to keep feeding programs stable is paramount. 

“Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, food insecurity has increased tremendously in the United States. The impact of the pandemic has resulted in record levels of hunger,” said Sharif Aly, chief executive officer of Islamic Relief USA. “Long lines have formed outside food distribution centers and pantries throughout the country. Given the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s record of providing effective and trustworthy services, we are honored to partner with them through this grant and support its Meal on Wheels program that several people count on to meet their daily nutritional needs. ”

“The grant made by Islamic Relief USA specifically funds holiday meals and gifts for homebound seniors during the month of December. We are so grateful for this generous gift that will bring nourishment and joy to seniors,” said Ali Sudani, chief programs officer at IMGH. “The COVID-19 pandemic has increased their isolation, but Meals on Wheels remains a service they can count on.”

The program serves close to 5,000 seniors across Greater Houston. A typical meat contains a nutritionally balanced menu of meat, a starch and vegetables.

The grant is from IRUSA’s Community Response Initiative Program, an innovative collaboration between the organization’s Fundraising and Domestic Programs departments that identifies worthwhile local projects and entities that merit financial support. IRUSA and ISGH have a history of working together of various initiatives to address the population’s needs.


Last modified onMonday, 08 March 2021 03:20