Islamic Relief USA Approves Over $200,000 for Upgrades to Free Clinic in Charlotte

Charlotte, N.C. – Islamic Relief USA, a nonprofit humanitarian and advocacy organization, has approved $217,000 to help renovate and expand services at the Shifa Free Health Clinic, located at 4301 Shamrock Drive.

The clinic serves a diverse population, many of whom live on low incomes. The funds will go toward:

*Obtaining equipment that enables greater diagnostic capabilities, including ultrasounds and electrocardiograms;

*Renovations to examination rooms, which will enable doctors to better provide for patients;

*Expanding capabilities to serve more patients by employing more people who can help run the clinic for longer periods, and expand outreach to potential clients;

*Improvements to standard processes to enable clinic volunteers to serve clients through various equipment, organizational and operational materials;

Together, these improvements, which will take place over the course of three years, helping serve 4,800 clients (approximately 1,920 men and 2,880 women). The project is part of Islamic Relief USA’s long-term goal to support free clinics that serve historically underserved populations or lack medical insurance.

“During this period of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it is essential everyone has sufficient access to quality health care. The United States if a compassionate nation, and clinics like the Shifa Free Health Clinic exemplify that spirit and deliver quality service,” said Syed M. Hassan of Islamic Relief USA.

Shifa Free Health Clinic was founded in 2015. Among the services offered are free health screenings, written prescriptions, consultations, over-the-counter medications, and discounted lab services.


Last modified onMonday, 08 March 2021 02:25