The Young Star of the Gastronomy World Is The New Owner of Samdan

Emre Yesil. Emre Yesil.

Meet Emre Yeşil, a dynamic and innovative young chef whose gastronomic journey began at the Incirlik Air Base in Adana, Turkey, and now continues in Cresskill, New Jersey. At 28, Emre Yeşil is a visionary chef who continues his profession with passion. With approximately 14 years of culinary experience, he has participated in renowned food festivals in Turkey, won numerous awards, and trained as a chef at the Istanbul restaurant of the Master Chef of Turkey, Mehmet Yalçınkaya. In 2018, he embarked on a new culinary journey in the United States, working in prestigious restaurants in New York and New Jersey. Emre's biggest dream was to one day open his own restaurant with a unique concept and create cooking videos. He fulfilled this dream by taking over the Samdan Restaurant. Acquiring Samdan, one of the oldest Turkish restaurants in New Jersey, from Yusuf Şimşekyılmaz, Chef Yeşil reached a new customer base and impressed them with various delicious flavors.

Emre's 14-year culinary career, which began at the Incirlik Air Base and is now thriving in the heart of New Jersey, is a story worth sharing. Raised as the son of a chef, Emre grew up in Istanbul where his family ran a traditional kebab restaurant. However, Emre's passion for cooking led him to explore various culinary styles beyond kebabs.

A turning point in Emre's career came when his brother invited him to help with a food promotion event at a boutique hotel in Mersin. He didn't know this journey would open new doors of opportunity. While there, Emre met Levent, the nephew of Süleyman Turgut, the owner of Alaturka Restaurant in New York. This encounter eventually brought Emre to New York in September 2018.

Adjusting to a new environment, Emre joined the Alaturka Restaurant, where he encountered a different culinary approach. Despite the initial adjustment period, Emre's passion and dedication shone through, quickly making him an integral part of the team.

Emre's path intersected with Yusuf Şimşekyılmaz, the owner of Samdan Restaurant, during his time working at Ora Cafe. When New York City faced the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses closed, creating unexpected opportunities. Emre and Yusuf, recognizing each other's culinary skills, initiated a partnership to transform Samdan Restaurant. Providing consultancy to a newly opened restaurant group in the Hamptons for a while, Yeşil is now focusing all his efforts on Samdan.

Under Emre's guidance, Samdan's menu underwent significant changes, reflecting an innovative and creative culinary approach. One of the most remarkable additions by Emre was the exquisite Şaşlık, which mesmerized guests with its unique flavors and presentation. Emre's flexibility as a chef allowed him to succeed in various culinary styles, and his ability to adapt and excel in any area further strengthened his role within the team.

In the gastronomy world, chefs are often faced with the misconception that their egos overshadow their talents. However, Emre rejects this cliché, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and exploration. He believes that true culinary mastery comes from experiencing different culinary cultures, techniques, and ingredients. Emre's passion for Japanese cuisine is particularly evident, as he appreciates its delicacy and elegance.

Emre and the Samdan team prioritize customer satisfaction, value feedback, and constantly strive to exceed expectations.


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