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Get 'er Done, Terry!

Ali Gunertem –
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Terry McAuliffe and I go back a long way. In 1991, my travel agency, AIM Travel, serviced Terry’s law firm McAuliffe-Kelly-Rafaelli’s travel needs. I was in Terry’s office at least three times a week, delivering airline tickets. In 1995, Terry was with President Clinton’s team, helping him to get reelected. I was there again with my cousin Sahir Erozan to raise money and host events at our family restaurant, called Cities, in Washington, D.C. We have done fund raisers, presidential dinners, inauguration parties and Terry did not miss any of them. They were his events!

In the first half of the 2000’s, I was away from all this and busy starting a family. Coincidentally and –luckily-- I missed the last miserable eight years where Democrats were only a footnote. Then Terry reappeared, chairing the Democratic Party and then-Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Once the dust settled after the presidential elections, I read in the Washington Post that Terry is running for Governor of Virginia. 

This is my own backyard: the state of Virginia! Since the current Governor Tim Kaine got the appointment to chair the DNC from President Obama, the governor’s seat is up for grabs.  This mid-term election is scheduled for November 2009. For the Democratic primary, which will take place in June 2009, in addition to Terry, the candidates are Brian J. Moran, a former state delegate from Alexandria and Rep. R. Creigh Deeds from Bath County. On the Republican side there is only one candidate, former attorney general Bob McDonnell. Today, here I am again, this time to help Terry out and get elected.

The company I work for is the only Green and Carbon Natural Telecom Company in the U.S, BetterWorld Telecom, and it happens to be located in Northern VA. Since I work for a green company I figured I could help him a great deal with the upcoming and happening green movement.

TurkofAmerica readers know that I have been writing about Turkish-American participation in US local elections for quite some time now. The timing of my last article about election strategies for Turkish Americans could not be any better. (You can read the previous article http://www.turkofamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=484&Itemid=1)

The time is now. Get involved! I ask all Turkish-American voters in VA to rally behind Terry McAuliffe. There are so many reasons. One important reason is Terry is a Get ‘er Done guy. If Terry decides to do something he gets it done. He is on the right side of issues like jobs, green jobs, education, energy, and bringing new business to VA. There is another big reason that he needs our help. Politics is politics but I can guarantee you that Terry will be fair to Turkish American concerns. He is very familiar with Turkey and, in his own words, “Istanbul is my favorite city in the world.” He has been there with former congressman Gephardt, and played a huge role in Clinton visits, both those of the president and of first lady Hillary Clinton.

Terry McAuliffe is good for our state because he is a no-nonsense guy. He won’t climb the wall, he will burst through it. He is not a politician and he never was one; he never ran for office and never got elected. He is simply a determined entrepreneur who wants to make our state very competitive for jobs and business while improving education and energy issues. I am all for that.  When our state was run like a business during the administration of former Gov. Mark Warner, now (D) US Senator from the state of VA, it was a golden era.  I am sure Terry can take our state there again.
Get ‘er Done, Terry.

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