Nearly 100,000 Jews of Turkish Origin Living in Israel

Image Zalide Toledo, head of the Association of Israeli Turks Foundation in BatYam city of Israel, said that nearly 100,000 Jews of Turkish origin were living in Israel. Toledo told AA on Wednesday that Turkish Jews were mainly living in BatYam, Ashkelon and Tel Aviv, adding that they were not specialized on a certain line of business. You can see Jews of Turkish origin in almost every profession, Toledo noted, adding that mass migration of Jews from Turkey to Israel began in 1948.

A total of 70,407 Jews have migrated from Turkey to Israel since 2001. The number of people, who migrated from Turkey to Israel according to years, is as follows:

1948-1951: 34,547
1952-1960:  6,871  
1961-1964:  4,793  
1965-1971:  9,280  
1972-1979:  3,118  
1980-1989:  2,088  
1990-2000:  1,215  
2001:         108  

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