Business as Usual for Zeytinia

Image Zeytinia market's General Manager Mucahit Arici says its business as usual at the Croton-on-Hudson grocery store. But he does say that he occasionally gets questions from customers regarding the store's tax evasion case. "It's true that people came into the store and they've asked if Zeytinia was closing down, because they like to come in," said Arici. "They like to shop in local places. And we just told them that we just have the case going on."

Arici says that Erdal Kilic, Adem Arici and Cevdet Arici own the Croton-on-Hudson Zeytinia. All three men were named in an indictment, which was handed down in July. During that same month, Zeytinia celebrated its eighth anniversary here in Croton. The market offered free breakfast to their customers. Arici says that he hopes to continue to serve the community of Croton-on-Hudson for another eight years.

"We've been here since 2004. So we're still looking to serve the community," said Arici.

The shoppers we spoke to inside the store like the fact that Croton has an eclectic grocery store that is different from the larger chains.

"They have really unique products from around the world—international flavor. They have a lot of organic products. They have really good quality products," said Ellen Emdenella, who was in town from Orange County visiting a friend.

Another shopper, who we spotted next to the store's olive bar, told us that it's Zeytinia's wide breadth of products that keeps her coming back.

"There are things here—the quality is better and the prices are better. In the grains isle, they have quite a variety of lentils and that kind of thing. So there's more variety when it comes to things that you can't get at a regular grocery store," said Emily who lives in Ossining, but works in Croton-on-Hudson.

Lisa from Croton-on-Hudson says that the store's court case is the farthest thing from her mind when she's doing her shopping here.

"I like the variety of foods. And if you're not looking for things that are in the supermarket I come here. There's always something interesting here." (By Christopher Michael McHugh\ ossinning.patch)
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