Dr. Oz Begins Promoting His New Health Magazine to His Fans

Image Attention, all fans of Dr. Mehmet Oz! Dr. Oz wants to whet your appetite for his new health magazine, published by the Hearst company. In an October 27 email blast, the company invited newsletter subscribers to "View This Week’s Video Exclusive from Dr. Oz." The email hyped the upcoming magazine with carefully chosen words that Hearst hopes will target the talk show host's loyal viewing audience:

"Dear Dr. Oz Fan, America's most trusted doctor has a brand new magazine in the works filled with fresh, smart takes for staying fit, healthy and happy.

And right now you can check out Dr. Oz's newest video exclusive featuring his latest advice for you. Be sure to check your email in the weeks ahead for more videos on nutrition, health, beauty, family life and so much more."

The video itself is the first of a planned 10 week series. In each video, Dr. Oz will touch on topics ranging from emotional health to physical health to holistic medicine.

Released October 27, the first video was titled "Curiosity" and focused on introducing Dr. Oz as a brainy guy who is mentally inquisitive and wants to encourage his audience to learn about healthy living from him.

Hearst thus far is remaining somewhat vague about the projected publication, describing it as "guaranteed to leave you inspired, informed and entertained."

However, Ad Age previously revealed that Hearst probably will call the magazine "The Good Life" and will include Dr. Oz's name in the title.

In addition to his career as a cardiologist, talk show host and best-selling author of books such as "YOU: The Owner's Manual, Updated and Expanded Edition: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger," Dr. Oz has built a name for himself as a columnist for Hearst magazines such as Esquire, Woman's Day and Good Housekeeping.

Topics included in the magazine will be:

    physical and emotional wellbeing
    "real" women's stories

Dr. Oz has shown his willingness to explore topics beyond traditional health talk shows. In particular, he's featured holistic experts on subjects such as a Chakras diet: Learn more by clicking here. He's also become a go-to guru for dieters. You can learn more about his weight loss wisdom by reading "YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management"
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