The American Turkish Society Gala Celebrates Commitment to U.S.-Turkey Friendship

Image U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek attended as guests of honor
Turkcell CEO Süreyya Ciliv, business and diplomatic leaders convened in support of U.S.-Turkey friendship New York, NY– November 8, 2013 – The American Turkish Society commemorated the financial and commercial ties between United States and Turkey at a festive gala celebration on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange on November 7th.
U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek attended the celebration as guests of honor and delivered remarks to an audience of 200 guests including top-level executives from both countries. Secretary Pritzker noted in her remarks that the "commercial and economic ties between the U.S. and Turkey are blossoming in many ways. We're investing in one another, and trade between our countries has increased by 75 percent since the Obama Administration took office in 2009. Looking forward, the private sectors of both our countries have an important role to play in encouraging our governments to do what's necessary to achieve even greater commercial partnerships. We can and will continue to work on building our ties, which create a long-term foundation of political and economic friendship." In his remarks, Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek focused on the importance of improving trade and investment links with the U.S as well as continuing to work together on regional issues.

“The Society is honored to host Secretary Penny Pritzker and Minister Mehmet Simsek to showcase our two countries’ cooperation to date and to deepen it further,” remarked Murat Köprülü, Chairman of The American Turkish Society adding, “We are proud to be coincidentally on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange at the same time as Twitter (TWTR), Turkey loves Twitter.”

Sureyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell (TKC), Turkey’s leading communications and technology company that was the venue sponsor for the evening, noted: “I celebrate The American Turkish Society’s 65th Anniversary. Turkey and US have gained a lot with the deep rooted ties and cooperation for decades. We believe that strengthening the relations between these two countries will empower the economies and boost the welfare of both nations.  We regard Turkcell, the first and only company from Turkey listed both in BIST and NYSE, as a bridge between Turkish and US economies. As Turkcell team, we are proud of being a successful actor of this historical relationship.”

Other companies that supported The American Turkish Society at the top level with their participation in the gala included AIG, The Coca-Cola Company, Sabanci Holding, and Borsa Istanbul together with the Istanbul Financial Center Initiative. The gala was attended by corporations and individuals interested in fostering U.S.-Turkey partnership and supporting The Society’s efforts.

“What better setting than the heart of the global financial activity for this dynamic celebration with our friends and supporters, especially as we reach the major milestone of The Society’s 65th anniversary soon,” added Selen Ucak, Executive Director of The Society, “this event is a great example of our crucial role in building U.S.-Turkey connections.”

Among the attendees at the gala were Süreyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell (TKC); Board Members of The American Turkish Society, including Murat Köprülü, Mariner Investment Group; Lawrence M. Kaye, Esq. Herrick, Feinstein; Haluk Dinçer , Sabancı  Holding; Laurence Pettit, Kramer Levin; Metin Negrin, Lexin Capital; Dr. Tamer Seçkin; Representatives of supporters, including Executive Vice Chairman Hüseyin Zafer, and executives from Coca-Cola Company; AIG, Sabancı  Holding, Istanbul Financial Center Initiative, and others; Turkish Permanent Representative to the U.N. H.E. Halit Çevik, and Consul General of Turkey in New York Hon. Levent Bilgen.

Founded in 1949, The American Turkish Society’s mission is to promote business, diplomatic, and cultural ties between Turkey and the United States. The American Turkish Society’s past gala celebrations included the partnerships of Dogan TV Holding and Turner Broadcasting, Inc. in CNN Turk; The Coca-Cola Company and Anadolu Group; GE and Doğuş Group; Citi and Sabancı Holding; and Ford Motor Company and Koç Holding.    Gala proceeds will support The American Turkish Society’s educational, cultural and philanthropic programs.  The American Turkish Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the oldest American non-profit, independent, apolitical organization dedicated to building bridges between the United States and Turkey in order to achieve common goals of peace and prosperity.
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