ATC Board of Directors Returns Resignation Letters

Image Chairman of the American-Turkish Council (ATC), General James Jones, announced today that the ATC Board of Directors returned the June 1 letters of resignation from President and CEO Amb. Jim Holmes and Executive Director Canan Buyukunsal, and has asked them to remain in place.  Jones said that Holmes and Buyukunsal agreed in the expectation that their continuation would facilitate a smoother and more durable transition.

The ATC is widely known in Washington and Ankara as a staunch defender of the US – Turkey relationship and a vigorous advocate of the commercial interests of its Turkish and American corporate members.  Earlier this month, the ATC successfully concluded its 33rd Annual Conference on U.S. – Turkish Relations, reinforcing with its business, government, and military participants the vital importance of the relationship.  

“On a daily basis,” Jones said, “we are reminded how important this special relationship is.  Anyone can see that on matters of national security, counter-terrorism and energy, in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, Turkey and the United States share common concerns and perceive similar risks and threats in the region.  In recent years, both nations have benefitted from substantial increases in bilateral trade and investment.  I believe it is critical for the ATC to continue to fulfill its task of the last three decades: promotion of this unique relationship wherever possible and protection of it whenever necessary.”

“The ATC can only do this,” Jones continued, “with a voice that is independent of the dictates of Washington and Ankara and answerable to its members.  Indeed, it is precisely this institutional independence that gives ATC credibility in both capitals.”
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07