Kenan Sahin's CAMX Power Announces CAM-7.2? - Its Breakthrough Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Material

Image LEXINGTON, Mass. - Dr. Kenan Sahin, founder and interim president of CAMX Power, announced the release of the Company's breakthrough lithium-ion cathode material CAM-7.2™ for use in advanced batteries. It is available for licensing.  For companies that wish to enter the cathode market by licensing CAM-7.2, both customer and production support will be available.  For producers of cathode materials who license CAM-7.2, CAMX Power will provide assistance in adapting their existing plants to synthesize CAM-7.2 and in blending it with other materials.

"CAM-7.2 offers the highest energy and power density at the cell-level for lithium-ion batteries compared to all cathode materials available today," said Dr. Suresh Sriramulu, the Company's CTO.  He added, "Lithium-ion batteries with CAM-7.2 can be smaller, lighter and cheaper than today's batteries. Backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio, CAM-7™ represents a platform that gives CAM-7.2 significant head-room for continued enhancement and customization for different applications."

This material can provide more than 200 mAh/g with low impedance growth during full DoD cycling under normal charging voltage making it well suited for current electrolyte systems and cell designs.

"CAM-7.2 is a big step towards enabling cost-attractive lithium-ion batteries for cars to reach the 200 mile range or provide the much sought after extra run-time in portable electronics," said Dr. Brian Barnett, VP of Marketing.

As one of the largest independent lithium-ion battery materials and design entities in the US, CAMX Power is well positioned to support its customers and continue to enhance CAM-7.2 as well as the CAM-7 Platform.

Its extensive and modern end-to-end development facilities include powder production ranging in scale from kilograms to tons, materials properties characterization, electrochemical characterization in coin cells and in full-sized multi-Ah cells fabricated in its state-of-the-art cell prototyping facility, and safety technology development. Its multi-disciplinary staff brings together deep experience and expertise in the development, scale-up, and technical marketing of advanced battery technologies.

"Because the synthesis at the lab-scale is identical to the synthesis at the pilot plant, we can meet customer requirements rapidly and provide customers the detailed support needed for their much larger scale production volumes," said Boyd Bucher, COO. He continued, "Existing cathode plants in the US and elsewhere can produce CAM-7.2 with minimal adaptation and thus minimal capital cost. Also, producers can license CAM-7.2 and receive from CAMX Power's facilities sufficient quantities of CAM-7.2 material for qualification and bridge production."

About CAMX Power

Headquartered in Lexington, MA, with a cathode pilot plant in Rowley, MA, CAMX Power (camxpower) develops and licenses or sells lithium-ion battery related technologies. CAMX Power's leading battery material is CAM-7.2™ lithium-ion cathode material derived from the Company's patent-protected CAM-7™ platform.

CAMX Power is developing other advanced battery technologies including high performance electrolytes, anode materials, and technologies for enhancing battery safety such as non-dissipative, active cell balancing and internal short circuit detection/monitoring technologies.

CAMX Power, a division of TIAX LLC (tiaxllc) for the past dozen years, was recently launched as an independent company.

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