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Image RRML Capital Resources, one of the nation’s leading commercial mortgage firms doing business nationwide, is investors’ single source for innovative business consulting, financing, equipment loans and commercial real estate loans. RRML covers virtually any category including Hotels/Hospitality, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Healthcare Facilities, Non-Profit Organizations and more. ‘’The Economy is on an upsurge which is an excellent opportunity for prudent Investors to take position in different projects.’’ says Lenford L. Robins, CEO of RRML Capital Resources. Robins talked to TURKOFAMERICA about his company.

Could you tell us about your background?
I attended St. Georges College in Jamaica, West Indiesand subsequently worked as a law clerk in the CriminalJustice System. I came to the United States in 1969 to further my studies. I attended New York School ofDentistry and Brooklyn Community College where I received my degree in Orthodontic Dentistry. I went on to invent the “Tooth Aligner,” which was approved by the American Dental Association and is being used in dental practices nationally and internationally. It is commonly known as the “Invisalign”.

How did you start out in the financing business?
In 1980 I changed my career path and pursued corporate financing. I became an investment advisor and worked for First Investor Corporation, Wall Street and became a member of the exclusive “Elite Clout Club”. I joined Ford Motor Credit and worked as a leasing executive for several years and received several awards for my outstanding performance and contributions in the leasing industry. I served as Director of Leasing for Emar  International, Reserve Lease Systems, President for Leasing Research International. I was appointed Director of International Markets for Blockwell Funding Corporation. I was head of the International Finance Division for GFI Business Capital. I was the founder and chairman of Bridgepoint Capital Resources, an aircraft leasing and commercial financing company in Wall Street, New York from 1999 to 2004. In 1996, I was appointed by the Government of Central African Republic,Congo where I served as the Financial Advisorto President Angie Patassi for over two years. I received an United States Congressional Award in 2002 from the107th Congress for my outstanding achievement.

Can you describe what sort of clients you have? What services do they need?
We provide services for all commercial businesses, real estate developers, retail, hotels, renewable energy, industrial, and hospitality groups. We have an array of clients nationally and internationally who require lending needs from business loans, structured financing, advisory services, and financing for hotels, shopping centers, gas stations, infrastructure developments, renewable energy projects, equipment lending, construction loans and much more. Throughout your years in business, could you tell me how many projects you have helped to be completed, such as retail holdings, hotels, offices, etc. Over the years in the business, RRML Capital Resources has done over $2 billion in loans for an array of clients in commercial lending.

Could you give me three reasons to pick your service/company if I were a client?
Three reasons our company is referred business time and time again is our professional consulting service, our structured financing resources, and our promptness on approval.

How do you see the near future in the commercial marketplace? Is there any signal that we are going to have another crisis such as we had in 2008?

The commercial market place is vibrant and continues at a steady pace. Fundamentals, transactions, and lending continue to improve. The commercial real estate standing in the current recovering cycle is giving astute players a competitive edge. Increased international interest in U.S. commercial real estate has also helped revive the transaction market
following the financial crisis. With this trend, investors find value in attractively priced properties globally.

What would be hot investment areas for international investors who have up to 5 million dollars?
There are continued improvements across all property types of commercial real estate. The increased drive has been in multifamily, as the apartment sector continues to post a strong performance with vacancy and rent growth near historical levels. Knowing and understanding the market where there is a demand is most crucial as some cities are experiencing a shortage in apartment rental space. Industrial space and the demand for warehouse rental is increasing as more online e-retailers and shippers are leasing more warehouse space given the demand for shopping online. The lodging/hotel construction sector is reporting solid growth and continues to be robust. Investing in this sector by upgrading the facilities, using competitive technology, and having a smart reservation system is the key to beating the competition. Green technology is increasing in every sector of the economy and petroleum is also on the rise. These are good investments for investors who are looking for long-term profits.

Do you help your clients in overseas project as well?
We help clients with international projects, business growth and business developments. We have clients with renewable energy developments, new hotels, shopping centers and residential villas projects. There simply is an abundance of investors looking for new areas of investment in many different regions, especially in the Caribbean where infrastructure development is taking place. We have worked with clients providing advisory services and structured financial deals that will help the overseas investor save on interest rates and better structure needs.

Inventor; Dental Tooth Aligner, US Congressional Award, Author; The Advantages of Leasing, Entrepreneur.  NJ Bankers Association, CT Bankers Association, Meadowlands YMCA Board of Directors, March of Dimes Board of Directors, Hackensack Chamber of Commerce, Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce, Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce, Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce, Fort Lee Rotary Club.

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