Turkey's National Photography Achieve Project Launched

Image The turquoise and purple clouds which ascended from the narrow streets of Galata, quickly went up the Galata Tower of the Geneose, where golden lights of the setting sun reflected on. The clouds which began a historical journey with the winds blowing from the Bosporus began to float in the skies of İstanbul after greeting Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi, a legendary Ottoman aviator, who flew from the very top of the Galata Tower with eagle wings 376 years ago.
After touring the Pera-Asmalımescit area, which represents the West-East synthesis, the clouds, escorted by seagulls, turned to the Historical Peninsula. Greeting the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Maiden Tower and the Süleymaniye Mosque there, they flew over the Golden Horn.

Amid the screams of the local and foreign tourists in the Galata Tower, the turquoise and purple clouds disappeared with the last lights of the sun.

The mystery of this interesting event which took place in İstanbul at sunset on Sept. 20, has just been revealed.

İstanbul-based www.stockistanbul.com and www.stockturkey.com international, stock photography websites for which preparations began in 2009, have announced their inauguration by releasing balloons from various parts of İstanbul.

Purple balloons represented the www.stockistanbul.com, where images only about İstanbul will be on sale while the turquoise balloons represented the www.stockturkey.com where images  from Turkey as well as those from across the world, will be put up for sale. The balloon-releasing ceremony was recorded from seven different parts of İstanbul, from land, air and sea.

The extraordinary scene in the sky attracted the attention of İstanbulites from many parts of the city such as Galata, Süleymaniye and Eminönü. İstanbulites quickly shared the images from the celebration in the social media.

One million photos and illustrations

According to information from the editors of the stock photo libraries who said: “We wanted to share our excitement with you without delay,” there are more than one million photos and illustrations which are ready for publication in the websites even now.

The National Photography Achieve Project, which has been launched both in Turkish and English, aims to build a visual memory of İstanbul and Turkey.

Exclusive news reports for media outlets

The stock photography websites, which have been launched with an aim to present licensed images to those in Turkey and in the world, will also include well-written and exclusive news reports for domestic and foreign publications with special examples of photojournalism, biographies and articles.

PC: High-resolution videos could be sent to TV stations and agencies upon request.
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