'Batman v Superman' Partner Turkish Airlines Flies To Gotham And Metropolis

Image Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had Super Bowl ads ready on Feb. 7, although they technically weren't just ads for the movie. In fact, they didn't even premiere during the big game, as Turkish Airlines showed two new ads promoting Gotham and Metropolis before kickoff. Turkish Airlines was already seen in the last full trailer, as Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was briefly on a flight in her Diana Prince clothes. This time, the airline announces that it is flying to both Gotham and Metropolis, with celebrity endorsements from each city's greatest businessman.

While Ben Affleck's version of Bruce Wayne may be the most worn down and broken one yet, it appears he is still camera ready for the outside world. Technically, this is the first full on endorsement Batman or Bruce has given since he used American Express in Batman and Robin, but in this case Bruce is really selling Gotham City.

Most notably, a company called Ace Chemicals is highlighted in the view of Gotham. The last time a chemical company was featured in Gotham, Axis Chemicals created Jack Nicholson's Joker in Batman. Perhaps Ace Chemicals will have some sort of Joker foreshadowing leading up to Suicide Squad, or figure in some other way in a villainous plot.

Of course, the main villain of Batman v Superman is Lex Luthor, although he is better known as Metropolis's biggest entrepreneur before the movie starts. In this second ad, Jesse Eisenberg's version of Lex advertises himself as opening the city for business again after its destruction in Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill himself doesn't show up, yet Superman's shadow does when the ad proclaims that Metropolis is "proud of its heroes." In the movie, public opinion is much more divided about Superman than the ad lets on, no doubt thanks in part to Lex himself, but both Superman and Lex are used as selling points for Metropolis here nonetheless.

Another big selling point for Batman v Superman itself may come with a final trailer soon, as one was reportedly classfied in Canada. The tie-ins and final pushes for the first superhero civil war movie of 2016 may only be building from here, culminating in the movie itself taking flight on March 25.

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