From Dream to Reality, from Muş to Illinois: Zellano Home, the Largest Furniture Store Under One Roof in the USA!

Emrah Serbest. Emrah Serbest.

The largest furniture store under one roof in America has been operated by the Serbest Family, which has been active in the furniture sector in Turkey since 1990. Located within the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois, covering an area of 220,000 square feet, the showroom offers furniture products targeting every income group. The store, previously utilized by Sears, transitioned to Zellano Home Furniture in May 2018. Zellano Home guarantees delivery to every state in the USA within 3 days and also operates a second store spanning 13,000 square feet in Dallas. Establishing operations as Zelal Furniture in 1990 in İnegöl, the heart of Turkey's furniture production, the Serbest Family decided to venture into America with their own store in 2018. Emrah Serbest, who previously engaged in furniture sales in Iraq for 8 years, capitalized on family connections in Chicago to inaugurate the first store in the state of Illinois.


Serbest aims to expand to 6 stores across the USA by 2025, with plans to open new stores in Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, and Virginia. Employing a total of 36 people in Dallas and Schaumburg stores, Serbest also manages furniture distribution with their fleet of trucks. They aim to achieve same-day delivery nationwide with the opening of new stores in 2025.


Planning to open a luxury steakhouse within the Schaumburg store, Serbest aims to offer 82 varieties of meat. They highlight collaboration with a professional from Nusret Steak House for the project.


Importing 20 containers of furniture per month, Zellano Home targets an annual turnover of around $40 million. Besides selling their own brands, Zellano Home also offers renowned Turkish furniture and accessory materials. Positioning the company in wholesale, retail, and online sales, Serbest emphasizes their goal of importing 100 containers of furniture per month.


Born in Muş in 1984, Serbest is a graduate of Süleyman Demirel University's Faculty of Business Administration. Starting to work in the family business after school, Serbest says, "My job is to establish a system. We set up the initial gears of the system in Schaumburg and Dallas. Now, together with my two brothers, we plan to activate our other 4 branches. We will continue on our path as a corporate company." Zellano Home has a team of 65 people in İnegöl, Turkey, for product sourcing.


Zellano Home products can be found on their website:

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