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"Origin: Turkish Coffee Tales of Anatolia" in the US

Gizem Salcıgil White, the Turkish Coffee Lady, is a well-known member of the Turkish American Community. She has been working tirelessly to promote Turkish Coffee in the US for many years. Together with micro art expert Hasan Kale, they have prepared a documentary that focuses on eight different coffee cultures from Turkey. Last week, they had an event in Washington, DC, and they will have a big one in New York Ciry this Tuesday.

They were also up on one of the billboards in New York's famous Times Square. They promoted the documentary to a sizeable crowd and received much attention from the Americans. 

Another good news is that the mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser declared December 5 the World Turkish Coffee Culture Day. It is really good to see cultural initiatives like this while the relations remain tense between Turkey and the US.

Turkish-American Community is proud of Gizem!Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Feyza Marries the Old and The New to Create Timeless Designs

Feyza Kemahlıoğlu is the founder and principal of FEYZ Studio. Born and raised in İstanbul, Turkey, she completed her Bachelors of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, USA and her Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design at Columbia University GSAPP in New York City, USA.
Her training in architecture, art, glassblowing and woodworking pushed her to launch her own architecture and design studio where the focus is to create high quality, sculptural pieces through research into unique methods of making.

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