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Case Studies (2)

"Finding a job after completing MBA education, international study concerning the risk factors for cardiovascular disease... Different cases, different solutions from health to education system, business to social life... "

Tim Özgener Returns to Cigar Business

Murat (Tim) Özgener is back in the cigar industry with a new brand bearing his family name. The man who once owned and ran CAO alongside his father and sister is about to launch Özgener Family Cigars Bosphorus. It’s his first blend in around 12 years, and the beginning of what he expects to be several cigars launched under the Özgener name. “I still love cigars—and I found I appreciate them more and more,” said Özgener. “Some of the most satisfying portions of my life were in the cigar business. I love the traditions.” He’s been working on the new project, he says, “for close to two years.”

India Covid Cases Surge Again

A new surge of Covid-19 has devastated India. Every second, four new cases are recorded with two new deaths per minute leaving graveyards completely overwhelmed. There are not enough hospital beds, ventilators, or food. Worse, families are driving over 200 miles to receive treatment where they are also being turned away.

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