Jewelry (1)

"Atasay, Altinbas and Arpas are the three Turkish companies who started operating on the 46th and 47th Streets of downtown Manhattan. The region, which is currently home to around 50 Turkish jewelry companies, is known as the heart of the gold market. "

Syriac Therapists of American Jewelry Buyers


In New Jersey and around it, regardless of which ‘Jewelry Exchange’ branch you go to, you would definitely encounter a jewelry salesperson with Syriac background. Jewelry Exchange on 47th Street in New York and in Wayne, Totowa and Paramus in New Jersey are some of them. And, the one in Woodbridge, NJ is one of the earliest jewelry exchange shops where the Syrian migrants in the USA started operating in the sector. The building in Woodbridge has 36 booths and 90 of the businesses there are ran by Syriacs. 

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