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The Kurdish Referendum Started to Destabilize The Region More

By Ali Cinar - There’s a reason why Turkey, the United States, the United Nations and many western countries were against the Kurdish referendum that has been proposed on Kurdish independence. The answer is because it was bad idea that would cause chaos rather than peace and bring regional instability to the region, at a time when the world at large and the countries in the region are facing problems and tough choices with the situations in Syria as well as Iraq.

Why Incirlik Base is Important for U.S.?

By Ali Cinar - There is still tension going on between U.S. and Turkey. Especially, extradition of Gulen and YPG-PYD issues are the most important items that need to be resolved. Secretary Mattis was recently in Turkey to meet high level officials in order to keep a healthy relationship.From a military standpoint, Incirlik Base is very important for U.S. and NATO. Unfortunately some Turkish Groups and media is doing a bad campaign to be Incirlik shut down.Doesnt have U.S. a back up plan? Of Course! But there is no point for Turkey to shut down the base.

Does Brooklyn Have A Chance to Host DNC 2016?

By Ali Cinar- 11/26/2014  - If you ask where the most Turkish American live in the United States, one of the response would be Brooklyn. There are over 30,000 Turks living in Brooklyn and this number is increasing every year. Recently, I was invited to a press conference regarding DNC 2016.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has  gathered Elected Officials  and Community leaders at  New York City Hall just hours after the Democratic  Party has announced it had pared down its short list to three cities -- New York, Philadelphia, and Columbus.

If Democratic Party picks Brooklyn for 2016 , the convention will be at Brooklyn's Barclays Center as a symbol to the nation. NYC Mayor Bilasio believes Brooklyn will be chosen for 2016 and he added ""Brooklyn matters, because Brooklyn has shown the way -- this amazing renaissance over the last few decades, a place that was often the underdog; now the envy of the world. Brooklyn's an example to us all -- an example to America,"

Senator Charles Schumer,  Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Rep. Yvette Clarke and her mom, former Councilwoman Una Clarke, and Council members Laurie Cumbo and Brad Lander were at the conference who are supporting this campaign from the beginning. Senator Schumer says " "This convention means a four-letter word: JOBS. J-O-B-S."

Given his audience, Senator Schumer said "He lives right near Barclays and has no trouble zooming in and out during marquee events.All those folks from the neighborhoods that we're going to bring on board, we'll make sure that everything works out just fine... There's no transportation problem."

Laura Santucci,who was the Chief of Staff for Mayor now is charge for DNC 2016 Campaign for New York indicated that " We will work all Communities and businesses during the campaign. We need a lot of signatures from Brooklyn.Lets work together and bring more businesses to Brooklyn"

DNC will be making a decision in January 2015 and it seems like there is a huge competition going on between three cities.One of the rumors that we are getting is Brooklyn doesnt have any hotels for the Convention and transportation would be an issue what the other 2 cities are highlighting.

Nevertheless ,Deputy Commissioner of Public Affairs Harold Zimmerman has told me that they will work with the Turkish-American Community and get their support for the race.

Lets see what the result would be but it would be very beneficial for the city growing the economy and job opportunities for the People of New York.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has already said he will raise $100 million over the next two years should the Democratic National Committee hold its 2016 convention at Brooklyn's Barclays Center,

New York hosted  Democratic National Convention in 1924, 1976, 1980, and 1992.

 Lets see if NYC will be the lucky one to get?
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