Gets Rid of Pain

By Melda Akansel -
According to an old belief, during the time that God was creating the world, it was thought that people would only live 20 to 30 years and then a dinosaur would come along and devour them so they would be able to live their whole lives without feeling any pain. Even though pain is one of the most common and important health problems, and is usually a messenger of a more serious underlying health problem, it has not been taken seriously for ages.
Ali Inanc Seckin. (Photo by Melda Akansel)

However, in the 21st century, pain management is now accepted as a branch onto itself, and in most countries, with the United States leading the way, patients are treated for their pain by experts in this field. Dr. Ali Inanc Seckin, upon noticing the negative effects that pain had on people’s lives, decided to dedicate his career to working in this field, and over the past ten years has helped thousands of patients get rid of their pain.

Dr. Ali Inanc Seckin, who completed his studies at Cerrahpasa Medical School in 1996, worked as a general practitioner for one year. After completing his specialization in anesthesiology at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital, he came to the United States in 1998 for research purposes and then found himself at the Mayo Clinic. After realizing the depths of the role that pain was playing in people’s lives, Dr. Ali Inanc Seckin decided to put into practice the results of all of his research of the past four years and he started an intense period as a resident at the University of New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Ali Inanc Seckin then moved on to Columbia University and started to work in pain management therapy, and today he is working as an anesthesiologist at Hackensack University Medical School. Dr. Seckin also continues to work on his research in the area of pain management.

Dr. Ali Inanc Seckin, who identifies himself as a “pain doctor,” says “Pain is the oldest of all illnesses, yet it has taken thousands of years for us to discover it,” and points out the importance of pain in people’s lives and how the medical community’s attitudes towards pain has been changing. It is true that even with cancer patients, the right kind of pain management allows them to continue to live their lives as normally as they can. “It used to be that cancer patients were riddled with pain and were waiting to die. Now they can live their daily lives as they receive their chemotherapy treatments. The feeling of pain can be gotten rid of either by the use of medicines or by surgical methods”. Dr. Seckin points out how important these different therapies are and how they affect people’s lives.

Besides cancer patients, Dr. Seckin treats patients from all countries, ages and pain groups, including those with back, neck, disc and nerve problems. The majority of his patients are between the ages of 40 and 95. His oldest patient to date has been 98 years old, and the eldest patient he has operated on was 94 years old. Another patient of his came to him at the age of 75 after a surfing accident, another 80-year-old patient came to him with an injured back from playing racquetball. “As people’s lives get longer and longer the bone structure cannot handle the wear and tear and certain degenerations occur. Eventually there is nerve damage, which causes pain. Keeping people active prolongs their lives and slows down the aging process. The grandmothers of yesterday do not exist anymore. Instead of saying you need to stay still, you need to sit in one place, you now have to get them to stay active. For people in their 80-90’s, it is very satisfying when they can cook for themselves or clean their own houses or at least take part in these activities.” This is how Dr. Seckin motivates his patients. Dr. Seckin points out that they also try to work on their patient’s psychological well being as they treat their pain and he says, “getting rid of a patient’s pain is almost a divine experience”.