THO's New Non-Resident Fellows Focus On U.S-Turkey Relationship

Turkish Heritage Organization is proud to launch a Non-Resident Fellowship program aiming to promote Turkish-American Relations during a critical time for the regional and global politics. We strongly believe that this fellowship program will help building bridges between Ankara and Washington, D.C., while helping civic leaders develop their research capacity and focus on various areas of interest. Since the Turkish-American alliance exists on more than just the governmental level, THO's inaugural Non-Resident Fellowship Program, highlighting people-to-people relations between these two countries, aims to create a knowledge-sharing platform to support future and emerging leaders eager to make a positive contribution to Turkish-American relations. Twelve fellows from Turkey and the U.S. will focus on and contribute to different issues from energy, to humanitarian assistance, security, and geopolitics. They will be sharing their research with the public and creating discussion platforms to facilitate increased understanding and awareness on said topics.

Our Fellows are comprised of a strong network of young civil society leaders dedicated to continued learning and contribution towards positive Turkish-American ties that drive peace and security globally. The Non-Resident Fellowship program will foster academic productivity as well as creating strong social and professional bonds, and thus also aiming at bringing Fellows from different countries for fellowship events. We believe Fellows will greatly benefit from their experience here at Turkish Heritage Organization, and the Non-Resident Fellowship will be the first one in a long series of successive programs.

 Co-Chairs Selma Bardakci & Ertugrul Genc


Last modified onTuesday, 02 October 2018 18:53