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The Steel Industry's Major Concerns: The China Factor and Environmental Standards

According to RNCOS, an industry research firm, in a new market research report titled "US Steel Industry Outlook,” the US produces and consumes about 3% of the world's iron ore output. In 2007, mines in Michigan and Minnesota - the two largest iron ore producers in the country - shipped 95% of the iron ore produced. The weak dollar remains a major challenge for the US steel industry as steel imports are expected to slip down to around 27 million metric tons this year from 30.4 million metric tons in 2007.

Is a Piece of the Good Life Hurting?

Sales of luxury goods in the U.S. are expected to total $72.5 billion in 2008, according to Bain & Co., a Boston-based retail consulting firm. Worldwide, sales of luxury goods are expected to grow 3 percent this year to $230.7 billion, Bain predicted last October. That is down from growth of 6.5 percent last year and 9 percent in 2006.

Furniture Industry Will Not Rebound Until 2010

In recent years, the American furniture industry has been hurt on a number of levels. The weak dollar has made imports expensive and the industry is facing increased competition from Asia -- from China and Vietnam to relatively new suppliers like India and Bangladesh.

Support for the Turkish Business World from the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

A new window is opening for Turkish exporters and investors through the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC). The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI), whose headquarters are in New York, has reached an agreement with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to carry out a series of activities, including conferences and meetings, aimed toward bringing together the U.S. and Turkish business worlds, and evaluating and encouraging trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.

How Can One Find Work During An Economic Crisis?

This global economic crisis, which is said to be one of the biggest ones in the 21st century, is an important factor in the increase in unemployment in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for November 2008, in that month there was a 6.7% unemployment rate with 10.3 million people out of work.

Turks in Europe

Turkish entrepreneurs in Vienna, the capital of Austria, focus mainly on the wholesale foods and gastronomy industries, just as their cousins in Germany do. Do & Co Restaurants and Catering, Etsan, Orient, and Hürpaş are some of the leading Austrian Turkish companies.
The cover of TurkofAmerica Special Europe Issue...

The Architect of First non-English Application on Facebook

Ayşe Zamboğlu - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Silicon Valley culture inspires young professionals to start their own businesses. Many talk about it all the time, but only some take the step forward along with the risks that come with it. Serdar Bulut is a young entrepreneur who has taken the step forward. Here he will share with us his background, talk about his companies, and answer a couple of our questions.

Turks in California

The greatest number of Turkish people have settled in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County.
From the beginning of Turkish immigration to the United States, many Turks have settled in or around large urban centers. According to the 2000 US census, there are 117,575 Americans (and to 2005 American Community Survey there are 164,945) of full or partial Turkish descent.
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