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An American Woman's Letters to Turkey

ImageBridges are so much more than simply connecting point A to point B. They captivate and enthrall us and some even seem to defy the laws of physics, but for author and librarian, Katharine Branning bridges are also conduits of ideas and values. For over 30 years Branning, author of the new book An American Woman’s Letters to Turkey: Yes, I Would Love Another Glass of Tea, has travelled annually to Turkey. Her trips have allowed her to better understand her own Christian spirituality, and values of beauty, art and nature.

TCF Launches 2011 Turkey Program for American Teachers

ImageTurkish Cultural Foundation agreed to fund a new agreement with WACA to continue the program that brings Turkey to American educators around the nation. The 3-part program, which includes a teachers workshop on Turkey, a  TCF-sponsored and    organized Teachers' Study Tour to Turkey and public programming on Turkish culture, called "Portraits of Turkey" now enters its fifth year.

Turkey Allows Mass at Ancient Armenian Church But Sows Anger

Turkish Armenians light candles near the Holy Cross church on Akhtamar Island in Van, eastern Turkey, on Saturday. (Mustafa Ozer, AFP, Getty Images)
By Justin Vela (aol.com) VAN, Turkey (Sept. 17)
-- For the first time in nearly a century, Turkey will allow a Mass at a 10th-century Armenian Orthodox cathedral in eastern Turkey, but the state's failure to restore a cross atop the building has soured the occasion for many Armenians.

'Faces of America' in Turkey

ImageEight American students had their first international experience in Turkey this summer, where they participated in AFS-USA’s Faces of America program on scholarships from The American Turkish Society and partnering community-based youth organizations. The students, six of whom are from New York City, stayed with Turkish families in Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Samsun and Karadeniz Eregli.

ATAA Shines "Spotlight on Turkey" for 2000 Teachers, 60,000 Students in Alabama

ImageAmerican Turkish Assemble Association (ATAA) supports the Birmingham International Center (BIC) "Spotlight on Turkey" program that officially commenced on September 4, 2010. The Spotlight program will educate over 2000 teachers and their students in Alabama and neighbor states regarding Turkey, including Turkish culture, cuisine, arts, history, geography and current affairs during the academic year 2010-11. The Spotlight program will also serve to bridge trade between Turkey, Alabama and the broader American south.

Turkish Days Start

ImageTurkish Days in New York 2010 festival will showcase the Anatolian civilizations, Turkic & Balkan cultures and traditions, and modern Turkey to all New Yorkers. The festivities will start Thursday, September 16th and continue through Thursday, September 23rd 2010. The festival is organized by the Turkish Cultural Center New York and supported by TABID, Turkish-American Business Improvement & Development Council.

"Who's Who in Turkish Culture and Art" Reaches Milestone

ImageThe Turkish Cultural Foundation's (TCF)  "Who's Who in Turkish Culture and Art" online database reached 1,500 entries, featuring living Turkish artists, artisans and experts in Visual, Traditional and Applied Arts, Music, Theater, Cinema, Dance, Fashion and Conservation. This online resource is constantly updated, and includes brief biographies and contact information for each individual, along with selected images of his or her work.

The Historic Synagogues of Turkey

Photo by Izzet Keribar.

The Historic Synagogues of Turkey, a 201-page book, published by The American Sephardi Federation, includes the pictures of 34 synagogues in Turkey. The other album book “Synagogues of Turkey” in which the photographs belong to the famous artist İzzet Keribar, the texts are written by researcher Naim A. Güleryüz, and the concept was carried out by Joelle İmamoğlu is published by Gözlem Publishing.
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