Dr. Oz to Introduce Gobeklitepe in Television Show

 Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz  - AA Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz - AA

Turkish-American surgeon and author Dr. Mehmet Oz will introduce the "world's oldest temple" Gobeklitepe in southeastern Sanliurfa province in his famous TV show. Gobeklitepe has recently been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List. During a visit to Gobeklitepe, Oz said he would introduce the historical site in his widely watched television program The Dr. Oz Show. "If we forget that history, we can suffer even today, but if we remember the meaning and importance of Gobeklitepe, it can change our future." "I will prepare a program in America with the information I have collected in Gobeklitepe. My show is already being broadcast in 100 countries including all Arab countries, Eastern Europe, Asia and of course in America," Oz said.

He added that such sites were important as the people who created such big monuments 10,000 years ago actually changed the history of humanity.

Oz stated that even in this age people tried to reach God and after they meeting Him, they believed they could change the world.

"This belief made people do agriculture and changed civilizations," Oz said.

Oz interviewed Lee Clare, Gobeklitepe project coordinator of the German Archaeological Institute, and Bahattin Celik, head of archaeology department in Ardahan University.

He added that the site was discovered after a sculpture was found in a field.

"It's really amazing that Gobeklitepe is in Turkey. Everybody should come and see it."

Reporting by Mehmet Fatih Aslan:Writing by Sibel Ugurlu - AA