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"Everything about to know about Turkish cuisine, restaurants, gourmes, and chiefs. From New York, Los Angeles to Koln, Tokyo... Most popular Turkish restaurants around the world! Special interviews, reports, and features. What makes Turkish cuisine unique and why is it one of the most famous cuisines in the world? Find all answers in restaurant section.

New York Belediye Baskani Kahvaltida T

Image Pazartesi, 24 Mayıs 2010 - New York – Ali Cinar - New York Belediye Başkanı Michael Bloomberg, 29'uncu Türk Günü'nü kutladı. Başkan Bloomberg göreve başlamasının 9'uncu yılında ilk kez Türk Günü etkinliklikleri kapsamında kahvaltı toplantısına katılarak bir ilke imza attı. Manhattan'daki Şip Şak Restaurant'ta Türk Amerikan Dernekleri Federasyonu (TADF) Başkanı Kaya Boztepe tarafından düzenlenen kahvaltıya katılan Bloomberg, Türk Günü nedeniyle Türk toplumuyla bir araya gelmekten duyduğu mennuniyeti dile getirdi. Kahvaltıya, Washington Büyükelçisi Namık Tan, New York Başkonsolosu Mehmet Samsar ile Türk toplumunun önde gelen isimleri katıldı. Bloomberg, New York şehrinde yaşayan Türkler arasında birçok arkadaşı olduğunu söyledi. Bloomberg, aralarında Rahmi Koç ve rahmetli Ahmet Ertegün gibi bir çok arkadaşı olduğunu belirterek daha önce Ertegün ile birlikte gittiği Türkiye'ye hayran kaldığını anlattı.

Turkish Student Reaps Kebab Success

ImageFor success in business, one must have the guts to take risks and make opportunities. This is no exception for foreigners in Korea. Ali Karagozlu is one of the few non-Korean businessmen who felt he needed to test his business idea. If he hadn’t, he most likely would have regretted it for the rest of his life. At the young age of 20, the notion of running a Turkish restaurant in Korea began poking at Karagozlu’s mind. This was back in 2000. Needless to say, his entrepreneurial spirit ultimately led to the opening of his restaurant called “Pasha,” meaning “general” of the army, in 2001.

“I was in my second year of the business program at Seoul National University when I thought of opening up a Turkish restaurant,” Karagozlu said told The Korea Herald at the first Pasha branch located by the Gangnam Subway Station in Seoul.
The 30-year-old said a strong belief in his idea had prompted him to propose a business plan and its potential to his father, an established business man in Turkey. “My dad agreed to help me because he thought this experience could be useful to me as a lesson in life and because he also trusted me,” Karagozlu said.

The Star of the Opera

Bonn, Germany – The word Bonn immediately connotes the capital of West Germany during the cold war years, prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, and the birthplace of  Ludwig van Beethoven. Bonn, which was the capital of Germany from 1949-1999, is a charming city with a 2000-year long history and a population of 314,000, located 20 km south of Köln.

Turkish Restaurants in Manhattan

New York City, which has the most restaurants in the world, invents new places every year. There are 17,300 restaurants to meet the needs of people in New York City, which has an area of only 320 square miles. There are 23 Turkish restaurants on the island of Manhattan. The annual income of these Turkish restaurants, which employ a total of almost 400 people, is estimated to be 30 million dollars. The history of Turkish restaurants in Manhattan goes back to the years when Turkish immigrants started working at Armenian restaurants.

Pera: A Trend-setter in the Turkish Restaurant World

New York – Imagine the following setting: in one of the various 30 Turkish restaurants in New York City, a waiter hands menus to six guests sitting at a table. One of the patrons sitting at the table utters the following, “Your prices are very reasonable.” The smiling waiter replies, “The same food is twice as expensive at Pera, but our prices are low.”

One of the Best 900: Tablo Restaurant

Essen, Germany- One of Germany's most important centers of coal and steel production, Essen is leaving the typical identity of a manufacturing city behind. Chosen as a cultural capital of Europe, every corner of the city has turned into a large construction site. Essen's population numbers 600,000 and it plays host to the headquarters of 10 of Germany's largest 100 firms.
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