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"Turkish-American organizations to promote understanding between Turks and Americans and to strengthen the friendship, business and cultural ties between the two countries. Enhance the economic and social standing of Turkish-American businessmen and businesswomen within the U.S. All activities of Turkish American associations, interview with their executivies.. "

TCA Awards Major Grant to American Friends of Turkey

The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) has awarded a multi-year major grant to American Friends of Turkey (AFOT) to support the institutional development of AFOT and advance the organization's programs. AFOT was founded in 1982 by Americans who had lived in Turkey on professional assignments, and had come to admire and respect Turkey's history, culture and people.  They wished to share accurate information about Turkey with their fellow Americans. Since then, AFOT has sought through various means to build bridges between the U.S. and Turkish peoples. AFOT’s programs and activities promote greater public awareness and understanding of Turkey’s history, culture and modern day society.

Turkish-US Council's Annual Conference Starts

ImageThe premier gathering of leaders from Turkey and the United States, which is jointly organised by American-Turkish Council, Turkish American Business Council and Turkey's Foreign Economic Relations Committee, will last until October 20. Throughout the two-day Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, Turkey-U.S. relations will be discussed in-depth and participants will hear from such government and business leaders as Turkey's State Minister for Foreign Trade Zafer Caglayan; U.S. National Security Advisor General James Jones; the President and Chairman of the U.S. Export-Import Bank Fred Hochberg; the Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman; Turkey's Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Feridun Sinirlioglu, Undersecretary for National Defense Murad Bayar; TOBB President Rifat Hisarciklioglu; and the Chairman of Koc Holding Mustafa Koc.

Turkey May Win Seat on IMF Board of Directors, Deputy Prime Minister Says

ImageTurkey may obtain a seat on the International Monetary Fund’s board of directors as a result of talks to give emerging economies more say at the institution, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said. “There is an effort to win representative status for Turkey on the board,” Babacan said in a telephone interview today. “But there is no final decision.”

Tiles for Humanity

What exactly does TPFH do? The mission of TPFH is to enable donations of tile, tile-related materials, and labor to non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, to strengthen communities, and improve lives. Lynn Labuda, executive director at Tile Partners for Humanity, Inc., answered TURKOFAMERICA?s questions. Can you tell us about your organization's accomplishments? What is your mission? In 2003, TPFH made a 5-year pledge to Habitat for Humanity on behalf of the tile industry to donate more than $1.25 million of tile, tile materials and labor to HFHI and more than doubled that goal. In 2008, TPFH made a new 5-year pledge to Habitat for Humanity of $2.5 million in donations and we are proud to announce that we will meet and exceed this pledge in July, 2010. Since 2003, TPFH has donated more than $20 million in tile and related materials to Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit organizations. The mission of TPFH is to enable donations of tile, tile-related materials, and labor to non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity to strengthen communities and improve lives. Who supports your organization? How many tile businesses work with your organization? TPFH is supported by the tile industry and accepts funding and donations of tile, tile related materials, labor and installation training as well as other construction-related materials. We are guided by six industry organizations (The Tile Doctor, NTCA, TCNA, CTDA, CTEF, and The Tile Heritage Foundation) whose representatives sit on the TPFH Board of Directors, as well as representatives from MAPEI, Pan American Ceramics, Habitat for Humanity International and Mountain Resource Center. TPFH partners with manufacturers, distributors, independent stores and contractors throughout the US. These industry partners provide tile, setting materials, tools, floor preparation materials, cleaners and sealers, and labor and installation training to Habitat affiliates and other nonprofit organizations interested in building with tile. How do you find needy people to help? We have worked very closely with Habitat for Humanity over the past 8 years to assist affiliates in building thousands of homes. TPFH also partners with other worthy nonprofit organizations that request donations of tile materials. Can you give us an idea of the amount of your donations? Approximately $20 million in materials since 2003. Can international companies join your organization (for example, could a Turkish company from Turkey support your organization?) Today, TPFH operates only in the US, but we would love to partners with any Turkish companies that have a presence in the US and are willing to donate materials to help us achieve our mission. Would you like to add anything? Tile Partners for Humanity was formed in December, 2002 when Curt Rapp of The Tile Doctor and Gray LaFortune of the Ceramic Tile Institute of America realized that the industry?s excess tile disposed of in landfills could be put to much better use. They worked with Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) to create the partnership which serves to utilize this excess inventory, raise awareness of HFHI within the industry and to solicit donations of materials, labor and other support for HFHI.
Tile Partners for Humanity (TPFH) is a partnership between American tile industry and Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit organization working to eliminate substandard housing around the world. Since 2003, Alpharetta, GA based TPFH has donated more than $20 million in tile and related materials to Habitat for Humanity and other nonprofit organizations.


A Major Event to Celebrate: The Quincentennial Foundation

The Quincentennial Foundation
1992 marked the five hundredth anniversary of this most gracious welcome of Sephardim to Turkish lands. Turkish Jews felt it was both fitting and proper to launch an extensive celebration in Turkey, in the United States and in Europe.

Jewish history is full of sad events which are marked by commemorations and memorial services. But now there was a major event to celebrate, both the 500th anniversary of the welcoming of the Sephardic Jews to the Ottoman Empire and the five centuries of continuous and peaceful life in Turkey.

The Quincentennial Foundation was established in 1989 by a group of 113 Turkish citizens, Jews and Muslims alike. Founded and headquartered in Istanbul, the Quincentennial Foundation planned a three-year (1990 - 1992) cultural and academic program both within Turkey and abroad - mainly in the U.S, Canada and Mexico on the American continent; France, the United Kingdom and different countries in Europe.

The Foundation embarked on a very ambitious program as befit the greatness of the occasion. What Turkish Jews lack in numbers they make up in enthusiasm and commitment and they forwarded their vision with great excitement.

That program had been designed to bring the diverse and rich legacy of Turkish Jewry to a greater audience.

The Biggest Contributor to Turkish American Business Relations

Mehmet Buyukeksi, President of Turkish Exporters' Association.

The Turkish Exporters Assembly is the umbrella organization of 45,000 Turkish exporters. The Assembly represents 59 regional and sectoral exporter associations, 23 sectors, and 13 Secretariat Offices serving exporters and exporter associations in local and international arenas.

"The Biggest Obstacle in Front of Even Closer Relations is the Lack of Information"

Murat Yalcintas.

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, with its 127-year history and its consequent experience, is the oldest and biggest non-governmental organization in Turkey. It is also one of the most outstanding chambers of commerce in the world. Murat Yalçıntaş (along with his team) has been re-elected president of the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO), having received 133 out of 243 votes in an election held last February. 

Organization of Ethnic Enterprises

Dortmund, Germany - Dortmund, located in the North Rhine-Westphalia district of Germany, has a population of 587,800 and is the seventh largest city in the country. It ranks 34th among the large cities of Europe and according to the 2005 census residents include 134,000 (22.9%) immigrants.There are approximately 27,000 Turkish people living in Dortmund.
Caner Aver, Spokesman of DOGIAD.

If Doner were to be a Profession!

Koln, Germany - Döner, which rapidly spread through European countries with Germany in the lead, has surpassed all fast food products and has become a giant sector with its producers, sales points, restaurants and consumers. In Germany there are overall nearly 300 döner makers. Around 30,000 döner stalls and restaurants employ 150,000 employees.
Chamber of D

The Voice of the Turkish Business World in Berlin

Berlin, Germany -  Berlin, where the population of Turkish emigrants living outside of Turkey is most dense, also has the oldest Turkish society for businessmen in Germany. The society, which was founded by 28 Turkish businessmen in April 1996 under the name of  the Berlin Brandenburg Society of Turkish-German  Businessmen, today has 380 members. It is the voice of approximately 9000 Turkish business establishments in and around Berlin. The number of German members constitutes about 10% of the whole.
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