Molyvos: A Family Legacy Transformed into a Timeless Fine Dining Experience

Molyvos, a culinary gem nestled in the heart of New York City, stands as a testament to the extraordinary legacy of the Livanos family. Dating back to 1957, when John Livanos embarked on an inspiring journey from Greece to the United States, the family's involvement in the restaurant business began. Starting as a humble dishwasher in Manhattan, he took his first steps towards success. In 1960, he made a significant leap by purchasing his inaugural restaurant. Years later, in 1985, the elegant Livanos Restaurant in White Plains, NY, graced the gastronomic scene. Immersing ourselves in the enchanting history of the Livanos family, we delved into a captivating conversation with Enrico Livanos, the third-generation representative of Molyvos. Adorned with ancestral photographs, each telling a tale of the past, the ambiance resonated with the essence of their culinary journey.

From Athens' Kitchens to New York's Plates: Vasiliki Vourliotaki's Culinary Expedition

Vasiliki Vourliotaki, a 36-year-old talented chef, was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She discovered her passion for cooking at a young age and pursued her culinary education in Athens. After completing her studies, she started working at a restaurant in Rhodes, Greece, which was part of a hotel. Initially, she began with simpler tasks like preparing salads but soon found her true calling in cooking on the line, specializing in sautéing and grilling. While there are no professional restaurateurs in her family, cooking has always been a shared love and talent. From her great grandmother to her father, mother, and even her brother-in-law, the art of cooking runs deep within their blood.

A Rising Star in the Gastronomy World

Emre Yeşil, 36, a visionary chef who continues his profession with unwavering passion. For about 13 years, he has been honing his skills as a chef. His participation in renowned food festivals in Türkiye has earned him numerous awards, showcasing his exceptional talent. He has also received culinary training at prestigious culinary academies, including the Istanbul restaurant of Turkey's Master Chef Mehmet Yalçınkaya. In 2018, he embarked on a new culinary journey in the United States, working in esteemed restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

Savoring the Mediterranean: Exploring Anna Maria and Tim's Greek Culinary Haven

The story of Anna Maria and Tim Salouros's success in the restaurant business began with Tim's early exposure to the restaurant business. At the age of 12, Tim's father suggested him to find a job, and he ended up working at a friend's Greek diner in Farmingdale, NY. He gained valuable experience working for his friend's establishment. Tim went on to pursue higher education, earning a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in business while working for the American Stock Exchange. However, Tim's passion for the restaurant industry resurfaced when a friend expressed interest in opening a restaurant. At the age of 21, Tim and his friend opened their first restaurant, Trata. The venture proved successful, leading them to open more restaurants in Roslyn and the Hamptons. Each restaurant they owned operated for over 15 years.

Brooklyn's First Turkish Fish Restaurant: Yusuf Başusta's Entrepreneurial Journey

For those longing to enjoy a seafood feast reminiscent of Istanbul's shores, there is a go-to destination in New York that has been satisfying customers for 25 years: Liman Restaurant. When it first opened its doors in March 1999 in Brooklyn, there were only two prominent places to visit in the area: Randazzo's Clam Bar and Roll N Roaster. Even Dunkin' Donuts closed at 11:00 pm due to security concerns. It was a high-crime neighborhood. When word got out that entrepreneur Yusuf Başusta decided to open a seafood restaurant on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay, some said, "He must be crazy." Initially a small 30-seat venue, Liman Restaurant gradually transformed into a spacious establishment with a seating capacity of 250. Over time, it became a favorite spot for seafood lovers in the area. Not only people from Brooklyn, but also those from distant states and settlements such as Queens, Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut started flocking to the restaurant for their seafood cravings.

Molos: Where Food Meets the Breathtaking Beauty of New York"

Immerse yourself in the world of Eliana Stefanitsis, the creative force behind the sensational Molos restaurant. Since its establishment in November 2013, Molos has emerged as a beloved destination, offering an exquisite seafood experience. Eliana, hailing from a family deeply ingrained in the restaurant industry, continues to elevate their culinary heritage with this remarkable endeavor. The roots of Eliana's family in the restaurant realm span generations, transcending time itself. With a warm smile, she shares, "My journey in the world of gastronomy feels like destiny. From our cherished family-owned diner, serving patrons for over 40 years, to various restaurants, the spirit of hospitality courses through our veins. As a proud first-generation Greek-American from New York, I embrace the opportunity to carry forward this treasured legacy." Her first job in the restaurant industry was when she was 16 years old, working in her family's restaurant. She gained experience in various roles, including waitress, bartender and hostess.

30 Years of Culinary Excellence: Turkish Kitchen's Iconic Legacy

Turkish Kitchen, the oldest fine dining Turkish restaurant etched in the memory of New York. After its establishment in 1992 by Chef Orhan Yeğen, it was acquired by businessman Ilgar Peker and his partner in 1993. Celebrating its 30th year this year, Turkish Kitchen is one of the iconic Turkish establishments in New York known by many customers from the east to the west of America.
"When I took over this place, I sat here for the last time comfortably having dinner. From that point on, my real work began," he said. "And just as I said, I never had the thought of sitting here in the evening, away from work, and having a meal."

From TV Waves to Culinary Waves: Georgia Dumas' Lefkes Revolutionizes the Greek Dining Scene

"In the picturesque town of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, lies Lefkes—a culinary haven that has captivated gastronomy enthusiasts since its inception in 2018. The brainchild of Georgia Dumas, a visionary entrepreneur who once brought international television channels to the American audience, Lefkes stands tall as a testament to her passion and ingenuity. Immersed in the captivating narrative of her life, Dumas who ventured into the realm of American broadcasting, set out to create an experience like no other. With a magnetic charm and unwavering determination, she transformed the restaurant which has changed hands numerous times, into a renowned destination where delectable flavors and warm hospitality dance in perfect harmony.

Turkish and Greek Culinary Delights: Exploring New York and New Jersey

By Cemil Ozyurt - We are once again presenting you with a special issue filled with exciting interviews, news, and beautiful content. We embark on a new beginning, a new brand, and a new face. Get ready to eagerly flip through the pages of this issue awaiting you. We will continue our journey as TURKOFAMERICA with the brand New York Life & Beyond. In our first edition under the new name, we will focus on Turkish and Greek restaurants operating in New York and New Jersey. The Greeks started to become a prominent presence in the diner business during huge waves of immigration in the 1940s. Many of these immigrants were farmers who knew how to run small businesses, and they learned the tricks of the trade by working at Greek coffee shops. But as quintessentially American as diners are, a large percentage of them are owned by first- or second-generation Greek families.

Specialty Food Association to Recognize Honorees with Lifetime Achievement and Leadership Awards, and Hall of Fame Induction, at 66th Summer Fancy Food Show

NEW YORK (June 6, 2022) – Eighteen leaders in the specialty world will be recognized by the Specialty Food Association at the upcoming 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show. In recognition of their contributions to the $170.4 billion specialty food industry, the honorees will be ​celebrated on site at the Show:

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