Advertise in TURKOFAMERICA Magazine Special Issue on Real Estate

TURKOFAMERICA is now getting together all Turkish-American real estate professionals on a special issue. The issue will be an unique source of "Who is Who in Turkish-American Real Estate Business." TURKOFAMERICA had list of Turkish-American doctors on special issue in 2009 and Turkish-American Lawyers in 2017.

- Each advertiser will has also one page advertorial.
- All advertisers’ banner will be on and
- The advertisers’ banner will be also on newsletter which will be sent to 20,000 individuals, professionals, and businessmen.
- The Turkish-American Realtors list will be published online as well.
- The list will be updated every year.
- Advertiser’s logo will be send to 20,000 subscriber on every month with newsletter bulletin.

TURKOFAMERICA’s mission is to report business news about the Turkish community in the U.S. The magazine’s content includes primarily the lives of Turkish people in the U.S. and their social, cultural and economic activities as well as the activities of Americans who are related in any way with Turkey or the Turkish community. TurkofAmerica serves as a bridge that brings together the Turkish people living in the U.S. and Americans interested in Turkey.

New York based TURKOFAMERICA reaches its readers in 50 states in the U.S. by subscription. TURKOFAMERICA’ circulation is 10,000 in US and it is 2,000 in Turkey.
In the United States, the magazine is distributed through two different channels:
TURKOFAMERICA is mailed to individuals, institutions, and other entities that serve the Turkish community or has extensive communication with Turkish community in their respective region. U.S. based Turkish associations, consulates and businesses are included in this segment.

The magazine is sent to American companies doing business with Turkey, to members of the U.S. Senate (100 senators), to the Congress (435 members), to the members of the American Turkish Council, to the members of the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce & Industry, to the members of the Turkish Business Forum, to the members of the American Turkish Asemble Associations, and to the members of the Federation of Turkish American Associations.

TURKOFAMERICA is a full-color, glossy, 80-page quarterly magazine. TURKOFAMERICA is printed in Turkey at state-of-the-art printing facilities with a layout comparable to internationally renowned publications in its category.

TURKOFAMERICA has more than 10.000 readership both US and Turkey. Subscriptions are offered through our website at and by mail. Turk of America is a magazine which does not discriminate against, nor represent any political party, political view, ideology, ethnic or national background, gender, or religion.

The news covered and articles written are all done so with the sole idea of presenting what is believed to be newsworthy. In a relatively short time, TURKOFAMERICA has succeeded in becoming a magazine which is respected for its work and efforts by professionals in the field and by readers coming from all walks of life.

Magazine Ads
A one-year advertiser may also ask Turk of America to mail the magazine to 100 addresses of his or her choice, free of charge.

AD SIZE                          WIDTH                      LENGTH
Full Page: (Non-bleed)      22.00 cm (8.66'')        30.00 cm (11.8'')
Full Page: (Bleed)             23.00 cm (9.05'')        31.00 cm (12.2'')
½ Page: (Non-bleed)        22.00 cm (8.66'')        15.00 cm (5.9'')
½ Page: (Bleed)               23.00 cm (9.05'')        15.50 cm (6.1'')
¼ Page: (Non-bleed)        5.50 cm (2.1'')             7.50 cm (2.9'')
¼ Page: (Bleed)               5.75 cm (2.2'')             7.75 cm (3'')

Other Pages (Full Page)        $ 1.500.00

Other Pages (Half Page)        $ 800.00 

¼ Page                 $ 450

The Schedules

November 15         November 22                  REAL ESTATE

That the Advertiser must submit all the artwork and text to be printed at least 5 (five) days in advance of the planned publication date

If you want to place an ad on this special issue please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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