Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar has been in journalism since 2002 starting with Turk of America Magazine ( which is the first Turkish-American magazine in the U.S. He was accredited by United Nations in 2007 and State Department in 2010 .He has also half page column called “Agenda in the U.S.” at Milliyet Newspaper that is one of the most well-known Turkish daily newspapers published in Istanbul, Turkey since 1950 ( ) He was written opeds on Washington Post, World Affairs, Washington Times, U.S News, SAIS (John Hopkins University Publication) and quoted on The Jerusalem Post, NBC News(quotation), The Politico Europe Fox News and many more. He is a member of United Nations Correspondent Association, American Press Association, NY Press Club, Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA and Society of Professional Journalist. He appeared on PBS News Hour, CBNC, FOX Business, Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, BBC TV, BBC Radio, NewsMax TV, Al Jazeera English, Canada TV, Al Jazeera Arabic, I24 News, Voice of America, France 24, CGTV, SkyNews, CNN Turk, NTV, Haberturk TV, A News, TRT Haber, Ekoturk TV, TRT World and Halk TV. Over the course of his career, Cinar has earned a number of accolades including Leader of the Year by the Assembly of Turkish American Association, One of the Top 10 Most Successful Young People by Junior Chamber International (JCI), and one of the 50 Most Influential Turkish Americans by Turk of America Magazine. Ali Cinar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2019 and was the youngest Turkish American to receive this distinction in over 30 years.He received a "Community Service Award' by NYPD MT&S. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the Istanbul University, Cinar moved to the United States to continue his education. While completing his master’s degree at the University of New Haven, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Communication Department. During that time he also served as the President of the International Students Association and was awarded the “Outstanding International Student” Award. Cinar has earned various executive certificates from Harvard University, MIT and New York University.

Good News from NYC Mayor Adams: New cruise ship deal will bring 100 Million dollars.

A primary European cruise line's expansion plans will bring an annual $102 million new revenue to New York City. This expansion will also bring additional — 200,000 tourists per year. 

Italian global cruise line, MSC Cruises, based in Geneva, will operate out of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal year-round in early 2023 with voyages to New England, Florida, the Bahamas, Bermuda, and Canada.

"We are New York City because of our waterways. This is what made our city, it allowed foreign travel, it allowed our ports of entry, it allows us to continue to expand our harbor, and we often forget that our harbor, our ports. That is what brought trade here. It brought international travelers and different ideas, and it grew our economy. The uniqueness of New York City really lies in our waterways and our harbors that bring people in and out. But the great news is that starting April 2023, MSC Cruises will expand to New York City with year-round cruises from the Brooklyn Terminal. We are really excited about that." NYC Mayor said. 

MSC Cruises will hire a minimum of 150 people to work out of the cruise terminal with salaries of $20 an hour. Overall, NYC Mayor said that the company's presence would create "up to 10,000 full-time jobs in the city.

MSC Cruises announced a donation of $236,000 to the Parks Department's GreenThumb program and the city's Junior Ambassador initiative.

"The cruise industry is a crucial part of New York City's economy, supporting thousands of jobs across the city in the maritime, tourism, and entertainment sectors," said Andrew Kimball, president of the city's Economic Development Corporation.."

Taiwan Will Be the Main Agenda at the Biden–Xi Meeting

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to meet at 5:30 am EST. President Biden said this was his first face-to-face meeting with his Chinese counterpart since he took office at the White House. He said, 'I know him well; he knows me. We need to define our red lines and the most important things to us.'

Before going to Indonesia, President Biden said he would talk with Xi about the Taiwan crisis, unfair trade competition, and China's relations with other countries, especially Russia. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that global and regional issues would be discussed at the meeting. He added that the intention is to be open and to work together in areas where common interests overlap.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also stated that President Biden sees the U.S. and China in serious competition but that this rivalry should not turn into a conflict and should be managed responsibly.

While President Biden is expected to bring China's human rights violations to the agenda at the meeting, it is also expected that the U.S. will warn against the violation of Russian sanctions by China.

After the Taiwan crisis and the Biden administration's move to block the export of advanced computer chips to China, the world is eagerly awaiting the results of this meeting of the two leaders. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stated, 'We will do whatever it takes to protect the Americans from the Chinese threat.' In a statement at his party's congress last month, Xi promised that China would act more aggressively to become self-sufficient in semiconductor production and other technologies.

G20 Summit Begins Tomorrow

Indonesia will host the G20 summit on November 15 and 16 in Bali. Different sessions will be held on the themes of global health architecture, digital-based economic transformation, and sustainable energy change. While President Biden is expected to have a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, it needs to be clarified whether a Biden–Erdogan meeting will take place.''

Democrats Retain Control of the Senate

In the U.S. midterm-election, the Democrats retained a majority in the Senate. The winner of the Nevada election was Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. This brought the Democrats to 50 seats in the Senate. This figure is enough for Democrats to maintain control in the Senate. In a head-to-head race to vote, Cortez Masto eventually outmaneuvered his Republican rival, Adam Laxalt, and was re-elected to the Senate. With this development, Democrats no longer have to wait for the results of the Senate runoff on December 6 in Georgia.

President Joe Biden expressed his satisfaction with the development and noted that it is time for Republicans to consider who they are. President Biden said he was not surprised at the turnout and was very pleased. The US President also stated that he believes the result is indicative of the quality of the Democratic candidates.

Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said the results showed the American people rejected the Republican Party's rhetoric of violence.

Schumer also noted that the results showed the country's faith in democracy. In the 100-member Senate, Vice President Kamala Harris is the deciding factor in 50-50 votes for bills.

Republicans can also seize control of the lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives.

President Biden:  "It was an evening when the Democrats came out strong. For months, we have heard from the press and the opposition that the Democrats will emerge disappointed in the election. They were talking about the giant red wave. That didn't happen," he said. "It was a good day for Democracy and a good day for America," added Biden.

Trump to announce his presidential candidacy for the 2024 election

Meanwhile, while the counting continues for the Senate and the House of Representatives, it has been reported that former US President Donald Trump will soon announce his candidacy for the 2024 elections.

Trump's longtime adviser, Jason Miller, said on Friday that Donald Trump will announce next week that he will try his luck once again for the presidency in 2024.


The Turks Who Won and Lost in the US Midterm Elections

Along with the US Congressional midterm elections, elections were held within the administrations in the states. Although it was talked about that the Republican senatorial candidate Mehmet Öz from Pennsylvania lost the election, many Turks entered the elections in the local governments.

Seven Turks entered the by-elections, and only two Turks won the elections.

Ali Paksoy from the Republican Party was elected as a district judge in North Carolina, while Onur Arugaslan was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Mattawan Education Council in Michigan.

Veysel Dokur, the Florida state senatorial candidate from the Democratic Party; Erim Sarinoğlu, the candidate for judge in the state of Tennessee; Ajlan Kurdoğlu, the Arizona state parliamentary candidate from the Democratic Party; and Tayfun Selen, the Republican Party's parliamentary candidate from New Jersey, all lost the election.

Lauren Arıkan, married to Turkish Yusuf Arıkan of Maryland, was reelected as Maryland state deputy. The number of Turkish friendship group members in the US Congress is eighty-eight.

The following are the Turks who previously served in US local governments by election or appointment:

John Alpay, Budget and Finance Committee, California

Kemal Bozkurt, education, Massachusetts

Esin Busche, accommodation, Illinois

Hacıbey Çatalbaşoğlu, education, Connecticut

Jay 'Ceyhun' Karahan, judge, Texas

Ali Paksoy, judge, North Carolina

Aysha Sawa, registrar, Milwaukee

Tayfun Selen, mayor, New Jersey

Malik Tunador, city councilman, Pennsylvania

Dr. Erdem Ural, education, Massachusetts

Sel Yackley, education, Illinois

Mehmet 'Matt' Yar, education, New Jersey

Hüseyin Bayram, deputy mayor, New Jersey

Derya Taşkın, deputy mayor, New Jersey

Halil Süleyman Özerden, judge, Mississippi

Some members of Congress have Turkish ties.

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen's grandfather was Turkish-born. North Carolina's Congressman Virginia Foxx's son-in-law is Turkish, and her two grandchildren are Turkish American.

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