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Islamic Relief USA Awards Grant to Made Institute to Help Formerly Incarcerated Individual Start A New Life

Flint, Mich. – Islamic Relief USA, a nonprofit humanitarian and advocacy organization, has awarded a $96,100 grant to the MADE Institute, which offers wraparound services to individuals recently released from correctional facilities, helping them reenter society and work toward self-sufficiency.

Islamic Relief USA to Present $10,000 Grant to The Food Bank of Delaware

Newark, Del. – Islamic Relief USA, a nonprofit humanitarian and advocacy organization, will present a $10,000 grant to the Food Bank of Delaware on Thursday, March 4. The two organizations have worked together for many years, focusing on alleviating hunger. The need for such action increases daily, as several recent news reports have shown food insecurity has grown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Islamic Relief USA President Anwar Khan Reflects on Organization's Work In Gender Justice Symposium

Alexandria, Va. – Islamic Relief USA President Anwar Khan participated in the 7th Annual Symposium on the Role of Religion and Faith-Based Organization in International Affairs, which took place virtually on Jan. 26. The theme of this year’s symposium, “2021: a Defining year for Accelerating Gender Equality, Equity and Justice.” He was one of several speakers on the panel, which included many high-level United Nations officials and various faith-based entities. In his remarks, Brother Anwar reflected on how Islamic Relief helped women who were attacked in places like Darfur, Sudan, and in Bosnia in the 1990s, and how rape was being used as common tactic to spread fear. 

Islamic Relief USA Awards $100,000 for Infrastructure Improvements in Bangladesh

Alexandria, Va. – Islamic Relief USA, a nonprofit humanitarian and advocacy organization, has awarded $100,000 for various road repairs, bridge improvement and other infrastructure enhancement projects in Bangladesh that will help reduce disaster risk posed by cyclones. Rural roads, construction of local bridges, slopes, tree plantings are among the project the funds will support. In addition, cyclone shelters, and emergency equipment stored in them (first-aid kits, utensils, hygiene kits) are supported with the funding, ensuring that residents have access to sanitary facilities and equipment.

Islamic Relief USA Awards $10,000 Grant to The Interfaith Ministries

Houston, Texas – Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston, in support of the IMGH’s Meals on Wheels program. The present coronavirus pandemic has led to record levels of food insecurity throughout the country, and the Greater Houston area is no exception. Senior citizens are among the segments of the population that are most at risk of the economic aftereffects of the public health crisis. The need to keep feeding programs stable is paramount. 

Islamic Relief USA and The American Red Cross Renew 5 Year Memorandum

Alexandria, Va. –Formalizing what has already been a very productive and rewarding nine-year working relationship in preventing human suffering and providing community support, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) and the American Red Cross renewed a five-year memorandum of understanding to continue collaborating on disaster relief projects throughout the United States.

Islamic Relief USA Awards $10,000 Grant To Help The Food Bank of Delaware

NEWARK, Del. – Islamic Relief USA has awarded a $10,000 grant to the Food Bank of Delaware, helping the large regional facility address unprecedented levels of food insecurity stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, food insecurity has increased tremendously in the United States. The impact of the pandemic has resulted in record levels of joblessness, which directly impacts the ability of working families to budget for basic necessities, including food,” said Sharif Aly, chief executive officer of Islamic Relief USA. “Long lines have formed outside food distribution centers and pantries throughout the country. Given the Food Bank of Delaware’s record of providing effective and trustworthy services, we are honored to partner with them through this grant to address the ongoing food insecurity crisis. ”

Islamic Relief USA Launches Annual Day of Dignity Campaign

With millions of people suffering from unemployment, loss of health care, food insecurity, and reduced social insurance benefits in the wake of the novel coronavirus, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), in partnership with community-based organizations, will host several Day of Dignity events around the country starting this weekend. (Dates and locations of events are below).  The Day of Dignity campaign consists of a series of events held throughout the nation to help people who are homeless or from low-income households gain access to essential items. They include nonperishable food, hygiene kits, and school supplies, backpacks, sanitary napkins, among other things.

G20 Interfaith Forum Gathers North American Religious Leaders

Washington – Aug. 17, 2020 — IRUSA joins G20 Interfaith as they gather for The G20 Interfaith Forum, the world’s leading organization focused on bringing faith and policy together, hosted its North American regional meeting today. The virtual meeting focused on the religious response to COVID-19, racism and refugees and forced migration. “The current global COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a heightened awareness of the human community’s perpetual pandemic: racism,” said Dr. Ganoune Diop, Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. “The brutal murder of African-American George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis unleashed a planetwide wave of outrage and revulsion at the ancient scourge of racism. The mandate of the G20 Interfaith Forum demands a recognition that racism and its corollary — antiracism — do not constitute an issue, but an idiom. Racism infects every aspect of human endeavour and planetary existence.”

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