Today is a critical day for the relationship between Turkey and the West.

President Tayyip Erdogan has told the Turkish Foreign Ministry to expel 10 Ambassadors, including the U.S Ambassador to Turkey., for demanding the release of businessman Osman Karvara, who has been imprisoned by Turkey for over four years.

CNN Turk correspondent Ali Cinar interviewed Mary Beth Long, the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Former Pentagon Official Long shared her thoughts on the ongoing tension between two NATO Allies.
Here are the highlights from Mary Beth Long: 

-The Nature of the system of the S400 was such that any F-35's in the region would possibly be at risk.

-It was not only an issue between the U.S. and Turkey but would very possibly endanger the use of that advanced aircraft for all the participants in the program.

-If Turkey expels U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, that would be the end of [] any aircraft, whether it is the F-16 or other going to Turkey.

-It will be very difficult for Congress to approve the F-16 purchase for Turkey, [] even before the Kavala case.

-Nobody in the Biden administration wants Turkey to leave NATO and wants Turkey to feel like it needs to play the NATO card to be heard.

-Erdogan needs to understand that surely Turkish people do not want Turkey to stand alone. So either She stands alone, stands in NATO or stands with Russia

-Turkish people and the Turkish economy have suffered enough an aligning oneself with Russia doesn't offer a future for the people of Turkey, therefore, does not offer a future for Erdogan

-Russia and China get Turkey nowhere. China and Russia don't care about Turkey, and they can't help Turkey
Who is Mary Beth Long:
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